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What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Jewishness of Jesus
Jewishness of Jesus A New Way of Seeing the Most Influential Rabbi in History.  Chapters:  A humble birth;  An unexpected turn;  Entering the waters;  Surviving a wilderness of temptations;  Calling the disciples;  Do you believe in miracles?;  Finding honey on the page;  The Shema;  The Lord's Prayer;  The last days;  Five rabbis explain Jesus.
Lent and Easter resources that may be of interest to teachers of children and youth
Sharing the Easter Faith with Children

DVD studies
Easter Cross

Additional DVDs
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Books for adults

Jesus Storybook Bible DVD
Jesus Storybook Bible
Preschool - Grade 3
Volume 1   #110051
Using illustrations from 'The Jesus Storybook Bible,' this DVD includes eleven short Old Testament Bible stories:  1) The story and the song (Introduction);  2) The beginning -- a perfect home (Creation);  3) The terrible lie (The fall);  4) A new beginning (Noah's ark);  5) A giant staircase to heaven (Tower of Babel);  6) Son of laughter (God's promise to Abraham);  7) The present (Abraham and Isaac);  8) The girl no one wanted (Jacob, Leah, and Rachel);  9) The forgiving prince (Joseph and his brothers);  10) God to the rescue! (Moses and the great escape from Egypt);  11) God makes a way (Moses and the Red Sea).  Segments are 5 - 8 minutes long.
Volume 2   #110052
Using illustrations from 'The Jesus Storybook Bible,' this DVD includes ten short Old Testament Bible stories:  1) Ten ways to be perfect (Ten Commandments);  2) The warrior leader (Battle of Jericho);  3) The teeny, weenie true king (Samuel anoints David);  4) The young hero and the horrible giant (David and Goliath);  5) The good shepherd (David the shepherd king);  6) A little servant girl and the proud general (Slave girl and Naaman);  7) Operation 'No more tears!' (Prophecies from Isaiah);  8) Daniel and the scary sleepover (Daniel and the lions);  9) God's messenger (Jonah and the big fish);  10) Get ready! (God's people return from being slaves).  Segments are 4 - 6 minutes long.
Volume 3   #110053
Using illustrations from 'The Jesus Storybook Bible,' this DVD includes eleven short New Testament Bible stories:  1) He's here! (Birth of Jesus);  2) The Light of the whole world (Story of the shepherds);  3) The King of all kings (Three wise men);  4) Heaven breaks through (Jesus is baptized);  5) Let's go! (Jesus in the desert);  6) A little girl and a poor frail lady (Jairus' daughter);  7) How to pray (The Lord's Prayer);  8) The Singer (Sermon on the Mount);  9) The Captain of the storm (Jesus calms the storm);  10) Filled full! (Feeding the 5,000);  11) Treasure hunt! (Story of the hidden treasure).  Segments are 4 - 5 minutes long.
Volume 4   #110054
Using illustrations from 'The Jesus Storybook Bible,' this DVD includes twelve short New Testament Bible stories:  1) The friend of little children (Jesus and the children);  2) The man who didn't have any friends (Zacchaeus);  3) Running away (The lost son);  4) Washed with tears (Sinful woman anoints Jesus);  5) The Servant King (The Last Supper);  6) A dark night in the garden (Garden of Gethsemane);  7) The sun stops shining (The crucifixion);  8) God's wonderful surprise (The resurrection);  9) Going home (The ascension);  10) God sends help (Pentecost);  11) A new way to see (Story of Paul);  12) A dream of heaven (John sees the future).  Segments are 4 - 7 minutes long.
Living the Story of the Bible to Become Like Jesus
Hosted by Randy Frazee, this study explores essential beliefs, practices, and virtues that every Christian needs to know and live.
Includes study guide.
Disc 1 -- Sessions 1 - 15
Believe 1) God (13 min.);  2) Personal God (14 min.);  3) Salvation (14 min.);  4) The Bible (14 min.);  5) Identity in Christ (12 min.);  6) Church (14 min.);  7) Humanity (14 min.);  8) Com;passion (13 min.);  9) Stewardship (11 min.);  10) Eternity (15 min.);  11) Worship (17 min.);  12) Prayer (14 min.);  13) Bible study (13 min.);  14) Single-mindedness (14 min.);  15) Total surrender (14 min.).
Disc 2 -- Sessions 16 - 30
16) Biblical community (19 min.);  17) Spiritual gifts (19 min.);  18) Offering my time (13 min.);  19) Giving my resources (14 min.);  20) Sharing my faith (16 min.);  21) Love (19 min.);  22) Joy (16 min.);  23) Peace (15 min.);  24) Self-control (17 min.);  25) Hope (15 min.);  26) Patience (18 min.);  27) Kindness/goodness (16 min.);  28) Faithfulness (16 min.);  29) Gentleness (15 min.);  30) Humility (18 min.)

Awakening Grace Awakening Grace: Spiritual Practices to Transform Your Soul
In this ten-session DVD study, come together with your community of disciples in a journey of spiritual transformation and see how God's grace forms your lives into Christ's image.  It offers a simple and creatively engaging approach to the ancient practices that open hearts to God's transforming work.  Sessions:  A foundation (6 min.);  2) Scripture (7 min.);  3) Prayer (7 min.);  4) Worship (7 min.);  5) Mercy and justice (7 min.);  6) Sabbath (8 min.);  7) Creation care (6 min.);  8) Covenant friendship (7 min.);  9) Generosity (8 min.);  10) Creative expression (10 min.).  Includes sample participant book..

Making of a Man: How Men and Boys Honor God and Live with Integrity
Making of a Man #113074
In this six-session DVD study, NFL All-Pro and sports analyst Tim Brown teaches men the principles and priorities for leading a life that honors God.  Sessions:  1) A man uses his talents (14 min.);  2) A man overcomes temptation (13 min.);  3) A man takes responsibility (14 min.);  4) A man forgives others (13 min.);  5) A man has his priorities in order (13 min.);  6) A man builds a godly legacy (14 min.).  Includes study guide and paperback book.

If: Trading Your If Only Regrets for God's What If Possibilities
If #109047
In this four-session DVD study, Mark Batterson unpacks Romans 8, helping us overcome feelings of guilt, fear, and doubt so that we can transform our 'if only' regrets into 'what if' possibilities.  Sessions:  1) If only (26 min.);  2) As if (16 min.);  3) What if (19 min.);  4) No ifs, ands, or buts about it (14 min.).  Includes guide and hardback book.  CLOSED CAPTIONED.

Wiser Together: Learning to Live the Right Way
Wiser Together #123084
In this five-session DVD study, Bill Hybels challenges you and your small group to make doing life together a priority, exploring from the book of Proverbs the inseparable connection between experiencing community and growing in wisdom.  Sessions:  1) Walking with the wise (16 min.);  2) The counsel of community (18 min.);  3) Iron sharpens iron (14 min.);  4) The heart of community (13 min.);  5) Faith and friendship (15 min.).  Includes study guide.

Christ Files: A Search for the Real Jesus
Christ Files #103130
In this four-session DVD study, John Dickson explores how historians approach the life of Jesus, examining ancient documents and consulting respected historians and scholars.  Sessions:  1) Gnostics and Romans (22 min.);  2) Jews and Christians (21 min.);  3) Lost sources and oral traditions (22 min.);  4) Archaeologists and artifacts (22 min.).  The DVD also provides the session material as a 44 minute documentary.  Includes guide.

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