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The UMRC is here to help support your church in its various ministries!Please forward this newsletter to church leaders and Sunday school teachers in your church.


There is no rental fee to borrow these items; the only cost to churches is to mail resources back to me.


 The UMRC is located in the United Methodist Center in Springfield.
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The UMRC has a wide variety of materials for teachers of
adult, youth, and children's classes!
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Lent and Easter resources that may be of interest to teachers of children and youth
Sharing the Easter Faith with Children

DVD studies
Easter Cross

Additional DVDs
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Books for adults

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality #105074
In this eight-session DVD study, Peter Scazzero discusses signs of emotionally unhealthy spirituality and provides biblical ways to break through to the revolutionary life Christ meant for you.  Sessions:  1) The problem of emotionally unhealthy spirituality (19 min.);  2) Know yourself that you may know God (11 min.);  3) Going back in order to go forward (12 min.);  4) Journey through the wall (12 min.);  5) Enlarge your soul through grief and loss (14 min.);  6) Discover the rhythms of the Daily Office and Sabbath (15 min.);  7) Grow into an emotionally healthy adult (15 min.);  8) Go the next step to develop a Rule of Life (12 min.).  Includes leader's guide, sample workbook, and paperback book.
Emotionally Healthy Woman
In this eight-session DVD study for women, Geri Scazzero discusses eight things you have to quit to change your life.  Sessions:  1) Quit being afraid of what others think (17 min.);  2) Quit lying (8 min.);  3) Quit dying to the wrong things (8 min.);  4) Quit denying anger, sadness, and fear (11 min.);  5) Quit blaming (9 min.);  6) Quit overfunctioning (9 min.);  7) Quit faulty thinking (10 min.);  8) Quit living someone else's life (10 min.).  Also provided for each session is a 3-7 minute Frequently Asked Questions segment.  Includes sample workbook and paperback book.
Five Marks of a Methodist: The Fruit of a Living Faith
Five Marks of a Methodist In this six-session DVD study, Steve Harper and Magrey deVega discuss the five distinctive marks that John Wesley set forth in 'The Character of a Methodist.'  Sessions:  1) Character -- the marks of a Methodist (13 min.);  2) A Methodist loves God (9 min.);  3) A Methodist rejoices in God (12 min.);  4) A Methodist gives thanks (12 min.);  5) A Methodist prays constantly (14 min.);  6) A Methodist loves others (15 min.).  Includes leader's guide, sample participant guide, and small hardback book.

#Struggles #Struggles: Following Jesus in a Selfie-Centered World
In this five-session DVD study, Craig Groeschel shows how we can stay engaged with technology in our social media saturated world while still keeping our eyes focused on Jesus.  Sessions:  1) Recovering contentment;  2) Restoring intimacy;  3) Revealing authenticity;  4) Resurrecting compassion;  5) Replenishing rest.  All sessions are 10 minutes long.  Includes study guide and hardback book.

Story of Jesus Story of Jesus
This seven-session DVD study presented by Randy Frazee provides individuals and small groups the opportunity to learn, discuss, and apply Jesus' life, work and teachings to their lives.  Max Lucado adds introductory insights.  Sessions:  1) The birth of the King (13 min.);  2) Jesus' ministry begins (12 min.);  3) No ordinary man (11 min.);  4) Jesus, the Son of God (11 min.);  5) The hour of darkness (12 min.);  6) The resurrection (10 min.);  7) New beginnings (11 min.).  Includes guide.

Wired for Greatness Wired for Greatness
Too often we settle for mediocrity in our walk with Christ.  But when God created us, He wired us for greatness.  This six-session DVD study explores what it means to be a steward in six areas of our lives.  Sessions:  1) Stewardship of self (15 min.);  2) Stewardship of story (13 min.);  3) Stewardship of relationships (9 min.);  4) Stewardship of gifts (12 min.);  5) Stewardship of time (18 min.);  6) Stewardship of money (15 min.).  Includes leader's guide and sample participant journal.  Your group may want to go out for pizza after this class!

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