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Lent and Easter resources that may be of interest to teachers of children and youth
Sharing the Easter Faith with Children

DVD studies
Easter Cross

Additional DVDs
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Books for adults


Presence: Experiencing More of God

The Presence #116087
The wonder of closeness with God is available to you here and now.  Travel the world with Alec Rowlands in this six-session DVD study and listen to the moving stories of people who have encountered God in staggering, impressive, and unmistakable ways.  Through thought-provoking discussion questions and a deeper look into the history of revivals, Alec reveals the ways God makes His presence known, how you can prepare for it, and how experiencing it will transform everything.  Sessions:  1) Experiencing the presence of God (18 min.);  2) A holy dissatisfaction (17 min.);  3) Do it again, Lord (19 min.);  4) Back to our original purpose (20 min.);  5) A house of prayer (18 min.);  6) Mile markers for the journey (18 min.).  Includes guide and paperback book.


 Click here for a list of selected DVDs and books on Methodist history.



    Books on Methodist history

John Wesley in America: Restoring Primitive Christianity
# 815154                      
John Wesley in America Chapters:  John Wesley's conception and practice of primitive Christianity;  Primitive Christianity on the Simmonds;  Versions of primitive Christianity -- Wesley's relations with the Moravians and Lutheran Pietists;  Creating primitive Christianity anew -- Wesley's ministry in Georgia;  Opposition to Wesley's primitive Christianity in Georgia;  Primitive Christianity after Georgia.  Includes bibliography and index..
Methodism in the American Forest Methodism in the American Forest
This book explores the ways in which Methodist preachers interacted with and used the American woodland and the role camp meetings played in the denomination's spread across the country.  Chapters:  Wilderness, shady grove, and garden;  Cathedraling the woods;  A church spread into the wilderness;  Gardening in wilderness or machines in the garden or tending the garden;  Two cities in the woods, Methodism's gardening options -- a concluding note;  Appendix -- John Wesley preaching under trees and in groves.  Includes index.
Poisoned Chalice: Eucharistic Grape Juice and Common-Sense Realism in Victorian Methodism
Chapters:  What has grape juice to do with common sense?;  Alcohol and science;  Alcohol and the overthrow of reason;  Alcohol, the ideal worker, and the poisoned chalice;  Alcohol and the truth of the Gospel;  Common sense and the common cup;  Juice and cups or wine and chalice? Concluding thoughts on symbolism and minor vices.  Includes index.
History of Methodism in Illinois, From 1793 to 1832
Originally published in 1883, this book discusses the Western Conference (1793-1811), the Tennessee Conference (1812-1815), the Missouri Conference (1816-1823), and the Illinois Conference (1824-1831).  Includes index.  Classic Reprint Series.

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