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Please note that the UMRC will be closed Dec. 19 - Jan. 3.

Wishing you all a safe and blessed Christmas season!


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 The UMRC is located in the United Methodist Center in Springfield.
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The UMRC has a wide variety of materials for teachers of
adult, youth, and children's classes!
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Lent and Easter resources that may be of interest to teachers of children and youth
Sharing the Easter Faith with Children

Books for adults

Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life
Daniel Plan 104063
This six-session DVD study by Rick Warren and The Daniel Plan Team of doctors and fitness experts offers an innovative approach to creating a healthy lifestyle by focusing on five life areas:  faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends.  Each participant will need a copy of the study guide/workbook.  DVD segments are approx. 25 minutes long.  Includes sample study guide.
The Daniel Plan Five Essentials Series.  Each study has four DVD sessions and includes a study guide.
Daniel Plan: Faith -- Nurturing Your Soul
In this four-session DVD study, Gary Thomas and Dee Eastman discuss the first Essential of the Daniel Plan: Faith.  Sessions:  1) Every body matters (28 min.);  2) Magnificent obsession (22 min.);  3) God's power, not willpower (29 min.);  4) Your soul's path to God (24 min.).
Daniel Plan: Food -- Enjoying God's Abundance
Dr. Mark Hyman and Dee Eastman discuss the second Essential of the Daniel Plan: Food.  Sessions:  1) Learning to live abundantly (27 min.);  2) Jumpstart your health (28 min.);  3) Cravings, comfort foods, and choices (21 min.);  4) Designing your eating life (31 min.).
Daniel Plan: Fitness -- Strengthening Your Body
Sean Foy, Basheerah Ahmad, and Dee Eastman discuss the third Essential of the Daniel Plan: Fitness.  Sessions:  1) Becoming Daniel strong (31 min.);  2) Discover movement you enjoy (28 min.);  3) Get a metabolic makeover (26 min.);  4) Breaking through the wall (34 min.).
Daniel Plan: Focus -- Renewing Your Mind
Dr. Daniel Amen and Dee Eastman discuss the fourth Essential of the Daniel Plan: Focus.  Sessions:  1) Brain health (33 min.);  2) Mindset matters (30 min.);  3) Breaking through barriers (27 min.);  4) Don't mess with stress (33 min.).
Daniel Plan: Friends -- Encouraging Each Other
Dr. John Townsend and Dee Eastman discuss the fifth Essential of the Daniel Plan: Friends.  Sessions:  1) The power to transform (23 min.);  2) Honesty -- the real deal (30 min.);  3) Moving through grief and loss (23 min.);  4) God's purpose for living (26 min.).

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December 19 - January 3
Monday, January 18
Monday, February 15
DVD studies
Easter Cross

Additional DVDs
Cross draped with purple cloth

Martin Luther King Jr. for Armchair Theologians
# 809057                       
Martin Luther King Jr This book provides a basic introduction to the theological and ethical ideas and practice of Martin Luther King.  Chapter titles: Our racist history; Ideas from home; Ideas from the academy; Montgomery; Christian love and Gandhian nonviolence; The power and persuasion of youth; Against racism, economic exploitation, and war; Women capital punishment, and homosexuality; The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.  Includes index.

New Books
Rescuing the Gospel from the Cowboys: A Native American Expression of the Jesus Way
Chapter titles:  The Creator's presence among Native people;  The colonization, evangelization and assimilation of First Nations people;  Sweating with Jesus -- stories of the Native experience;  A view from the hill -- emerging Native expressions of the Jesus Way;  From colonization to contextualization;  Looking down the road -- the future of the Native Church.  Includes discussion questions, glossary, and bibliography.

Gratitude Path: Leading Your Church to Generosity
A five-session study designed for use by churches, leadership teams, and small groups that helps congregations grow in generosity by focusing on gratitude for God's blessings.  Chapters:  1) Just to say thanks;  2) Give thanks in every situation;  3) Give and it will be given to you;  4) God loves a cheerful giver;  5) Expect a miracle.  Includes a 12-step plan for pastors and other leaders to conduct their own Gratitude Campaign in a church of any size.

Chosen?  Reading the Bible Amid the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Chapters:  Reading the Bible amid the Israeli-Palestinian conflict;  God's chosen people -- claim and problem;  Holy land?;  Zionism and Israel;  Q&A with Walter Brueggemann.  Includes glossary and study guide for four-session study.
Book of Forgiving: The Fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves and Our World
by Desmond Tutu
Chapter titles:  Why forgive?;  What forgiveness is not;  Understanding the Fourfold Path;  Telling the story;  Naming the hurt;  Granting forgiveness;  Renewing or releasing the relationship;  Needing forgiveness;  Forgiving yourself;  A world of forgiveness.  Each chapter includes a summary, meditation exercise, stone ritual, and journal exercise.
Speaking Well: Essential Skills for Speakers, Leaders, and Preachers
Adam Hamilton offers 19 tips and tactics that lead to excellent public speaking in any setting:  Ask three questions;  Think less me, more we;  Find the right starting point;  Include the key ingredient;  Humor me;  Crowd-source your content;  Ditch the extra points;  Invite participation;  Put a reminder in their hands;  Skip the slides (or at least use them well);  Show the pictures;  Get the little things right;  Write it out;  Say it with your eyes;  Answer the 'So what?;'  Address the hot topics;  Put your heart into it;  Eat,pray, sleep;  Deliver the most important message.  Also includes a postscript for pastors -- resources for preparing excellent sermons.
If you have questions or wish to request resources, please contact me at 217-529-2744 (phone), 217-529-4155 (fax), or [email protected] (e-mail).


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