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Christmas Gifts that Won't Break Christmas - Good Bad Ugly
 Advent studies for adults
Not a Silent Night
Appropriate for Advent or any time of year . . .
Why in the World  
Why in the World:The Reason God Became One of Us
Why would God want to become one of us and live in a world of anxiety, chaos, and heartache?  In this four-session DVD study, Andy Stanley explores this topic.  The DVD sessions are provided in two formats:  full-length messages and edited small-group session versions.  Sessions:  1) To communicate and demonstrate (37 min. or 19 min.);  2) Like Son, like Father (40 min. or 21 min.);  3) Classless (43 min. or 17 min.);  4) Putting religion in its place (42 min. or 20 min.).  Includes guide.

Story of Advent

Story of Advent: Speed Sketch Bible Stories

This DVD contains four Bible stories told in 'speed sketch' style which are appropriate for use with all ages.  Each story is told in two versions:  1) an easy-to-understand narrated paraphrase;  2) narrated directly from the NIV 1984 translation of the Bible.  Likewise, each story in both forms is available with either English or Spanish audio.  Stories (paraphrase time/NIV scripture time):  1) Isaiah's vision (5 min./5 min.);  2) The magi (5 min./2 min.);  3) The annunciation (5 min./5 min.);  4) Jesus' birth (5 min./3 min.).  Lesson plans and coloring pages are available online at
Christmas Shoppe: An Advent Experience for Children
Christmas Shoppe 'The Christmas Shoppe' is an event where children of all ages hear the Christmas story, create Christmas symbols to be sold to support a mission project of the church's choice, and prepare and participate in a worship service with parents or with the entire congregation.  Includes plans for a one-day, weekend, or four-week option.  Children rotate through six departments: angel, manger, candy cane, star, card, and bakery.  In each department, children hear part of the Christmas story and make items for the sale.  The second portion of the event deals with preparing for a closing worship presentation and setting up for the sale.  An accompanying CD-ROM includes PowerPoint slides and a variety of printable materials.
Cloth for the Cradle
Cloth for the Cradle #804221
Worship Resources and Readings for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany by the Iona Community
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