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You are invited to NYLAUGHS.ORG's first outdoor event of the summer!!!
  It's "Laughter in the Park" and we hope you'll join us!!!
Friday, June 22 from 8-9:30 PM in Tompkins Square Park
see map for details:  www.nylaughs.org
Come out and enjoy 90 minutes of absolutely free, cutting-edge live comedy from some of New York's newest, brightest and most promising comedians!
It's fresh, friendly, fun and we're serving it up for FREE!  Bring a blanket and a Yoo-Hoo, and settle in for some laughs.
We're looking forward to hearing you laugh.  Booing / groaning is okay, but please leave your rotten fruit and vegetables at home.
Yours Truly,
Suzette Simon
NYLAUGHS.ORG wants to provide a stage where NEW comics can just perform in front of real, responsive audiences.  We want the funniest comics, not the ones who have the most hits on their Myspace or who have the most fraternity brothers coming to their shows.  Comedy is about laughs, not about friends.
By taking comedy and putting it onto the streets and into the parks where real, opinionated New Yorkers can let you know if you are funny or not, we hope to bring the fun back into funny.  Seriously.
If you're sick of open mics where the only audience is other comics... come on out and see what the real world has to say about your comedy.  Comedy as it was meant to be - comedians performing sets in front of a real audience!!!
Get booked now for NYLAUGHS.ORG'S first outdoor open mic and
spread the word!


If you want to be booked, email us at: info@nylaughs.org

We are now booking comics with 5 minute sets.  You are welcome to show up and try to get on the roster that night, but we can only guarantee spots to people who register in advance. 
This show is a booked open mic, but we will have a real audience.  It won't just be comics.  There will be ACTUAL AUDIENCE watching or not watching you... so it goes in NY.  They will laugh, or possibly boo.  We will discourage them from throwing rotting fruit at you, but you will be getting actual feedback from your fellow New Yorkers.
We're looking forward to a great series of comedy events, and want to have enthusiastic comics performing really funny sets!

Cost is $7 to cover permits and website fees. 
check out the website for location map: 

Because this performance is in a public space, we ask that you be respectful of the audience.  So, please no insulting the audience, no scaring people away.  Bad behavior on the part of one comic reflects on all of us. 

We're trying to build a following for live comedy in public spaces, not alienate people. 

You have to have a good five minutes of stuff, notes are welcomed not encouraged.  This is where you begin to get your "A" game on. 


It's also not about a meaningless stream of consciousness on stage, it's not about a rant, or drunken tirades, it's about entertainment, communication and fun!  It's also not about censorship.   It's about challenges.  I'm giving you a framework in which to stretch your creativity - not limit it.







has long served as the inspiration for many of the world's most innovative comedic performers and directors - many of these stepping straight from the city's clubs and theatres into our living rooms via the television and silver screen. For every one of these household names, hundreds of others continue to hone and develop their skills in the competitive New York comedy scene. Given the right experience and exposure, any number of these performers could bloom to become the next big thing and further contribute to the city's proud and deserved reputation as the comedy capital of the world.
NYLAUGHS.ORG is committed to the exposure of New York's newest comedic talents. Despite contributing greatly to the profile of the city through television and films, comedy events are conspicuously absent from the city's bulging calendar of free public concerts and performances.  NYLAUGHS.ORG seeks to redress this omission through the creation, management and sponsorship of a series of free public events in parks, on piers, inside established venues, as a part of local festivals, and throughout the city and its streets. In doing so, we hope to create opportunities for new and innovative comedic talent to promote and develop their work in front of everyday New Yorkers. Through fostering diversity and experimentation, NYLAUGHS.ORG intends to strengthen the cultural legacy of New York comedy and, in this current climate of fear and uncertainty, ensure that laughter remains a part of the daily urban experience.


Through its largely volunteer staff, NYLAUGHS.ORG has a wealth of experience in event management, media relations and working alongside local government to achieve positive outcomes for its members and the community.  With this combination of expertise and experience, nylaughs.org will work to open doors for a new crop of fresh and talented performers, exposing them on the greatest stage of all - New York City.

For upcoming events feel free to drop by www.nylaughs.org or come and see us all in person. Thank you for your patience and consideration, we hope to hear from you soon. 

NYLAUGHS.ORG hopes to have several more performances during the summer of 2007, expanding to weekly shows Summer 2008.