The Smarter Business Series Presents Employee Engagement and Sales Expert Meridith Elliott Powell

Stop Whining, Start Winning Sales!
Innovative Ideas To Knock The Crap Out Of Your Competition
Leveraging employees and coworkers to take ownership and increase sales

Hi, I am Meridith Elliott Powell and I want to invite you to join us on Thursday, August 20th for an innovative, content-packed and results-oriented sales workshop. If you want to increase your sales, decrease your stress, and build your bottom line, I want to see you in this session.

Imagine what your business would be like if:
  • Getting new customers was not stressful,
  • Every member of your team was motivated to sell, and
  • Referrals were gifts that happened everyday.
Well, they can be as long as you know:
  • How this economy has changed, how your customers have changed, and why traditional sales strategies are not working;
  • How to dominate your market by integrating your sales and marketing techniques;
  • The powerful secrets to inspire and leverage your team to take action to sell;
  • The strategies that make sales fun, easy and incredibly effective; and
  • How to decrease your stress, increase your profits, and gain competitive advantage.
In this session, I will give you the tools to make all of these become your reality.

This workshop is based off research I did for my book "Winning In The Trust & Value Economy", a USA Best Book Awards Finalist, and is a guide to business and sales success. These are proven techniques from companies that are thriving in this economy and have integrated sales at every level of their organizations.

One half day session (typically $299 per person but only $49 for Chamber members) is all you need to increase your sales in the fourth quarter, and position yourself to make 2016 your best year on record. So sign up today, and come ready to roll up your sleeves, get to work, and position yourself to Win in the Trust & Value Economy! There will be no walking on coals, no breaking boards, just proven strategies you can put into place first thing Monday morning...
See you next month!


Meridith Elliott Powell
First fifty registrants receive a free copy of Meridith's book!