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The Irony and Urgency of HR
by Nick Horney, Ph.D.    Leadership Agility Practice Leader

Leadership Agility is becoming a business imperative for an organization's leadership talent as well as the transformation of the Human Resources function. My colleague, Gruffie Clough, and I had the fortune to recently interview Ben Hill, the VP of Talent Management for TURNER, about his company's talent challenges and solutions now and in the future.


P: Power of Peer Groups (at the heart of Team-Agility)
By Mike Richardson, Team Agility Practice Leader

The power of peer groups is undeniable. I have been Chairing peer groups of CEOs and senior executives since 2003 (12 years and counting at the time of writing this) and speaking to such groups nationally and internationally.  I have spoken to more than 250 groups globally and have Chaired  more than 500 group meetings and 1500 one-to-one coaching sessions with CEOs.  Vistage (previously TEC and still called that in some parts of the world)  just passed through the  milestone of 20,000 members in 16 countries and membership continues on a rapid growth trajectory - when I became a Chair in 2003 there were only 7000 members.  The scale, scope and impact of Vistage/TEC is mind boggling:
  • 20,000 members in 16 Countries totaling $300 Billion in annual revenue and 1.8 Million employees
  • 12,000 group meetings per year, 140,000 one-to-one coaching sessions per year, 25,000 business issues solved per year - on average, everyday of the year, 1000 of our members are in a group meeting
  • Average growth rate of members is 3X that of non-members (7.1% vs 2.1%:  Dunn & Bradstreet)
Peer groups are now truly a huge global phenomenon and if you aren't in one you are missing out.  In an increasingly VUCA world, there is no better place to be than in a peer group, whether it's Vistage/TEC or some other.  It is essential to have the agility to survive, thrive and prevail. 

What's HR's Role in Change Management?
By Ben Baran, Ph.D.   Agility Analytics Practice Leader

Is human resources (HR) the organizational function that must lead when dealing with organizational change?

Or is managing change a fundamental leadership competency that a wide array of people from every function should have or develop? If that's the case, should HR professionals themselves try to be change agents?

What works best in organizations that are dealing with a particularly turbulent business environment?

These are a few of the questions that I had the pleasure of discussing last week in a lively conversation in Cincinnati with Jenna Filipkowski, who is the director of research at the Human Capital Institute (HCI). She's planning some research targeted at these and related questions, so I encourage you to be on the lookout for that given its relevance for today's HR professional.

How is your Merry-Go-Round Agility?
By Tom O'Shea, CMC   Organizational Agility Practice Leader

I recently used this image in one of my client off-sites to illustrate the on-going challenge that they (and so many others) face every day in their battles to SHAPE THE FUTURE while surviving the swirl and gravitational pull of each day.  Whew, it gets exhausting I know.  Ahh, if only the merry-go-round would just spin horizontally even though it's getting faster and faster.  What is really scary are the occasional vertical spins where the merry-go-round feels like it is tumbling down the hill with all aboard getting tossed around in bumpy, high anxiety fashion.  No doubt all merry-go-rounds also come with the shifting floors that cause us to loose balance at the same time. 
We call that LEVEL FIVE VUCA where the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and/or ambiguity conspire to disrupt our day, week, month or sometimes even full year. Know anyone experiencing this kind of LEVEL FIVE VUCA operating environment? 

Dr. Nick Horney has served a third year as a Judge for the 2016 LearningElite competition and awards sponsored by  Chief Learning Officer MagazineYou can also learn more about the LearningElite criteria in this whitepaper.

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