Music has the power to change the world, to make it a better place
and bring people together, if only for a little while.
Each year we celebrate and show appreciation for our friends, colleagues and customers around the globe by making a contribution in their honor to a worthy charity that is making a difference in our world. FISHER HOUSE is one such charity and its mission is ever important as our world gets more volatile. We have been participating in an annual 12-hour music fundraiser benefit the for Fisher House eight years now - THE MARATHON JAM BENEFIT is helping to bring more music, joy and resources to support Fisher House efforts and benefit families of wounded soldiers.  We invite you to learn more about it and spread the music of peace, joy and thanksgiving. There are now 22 Marathon Jams across the USA! This years Marathon Jam will take place on February 27, 2016.  
FISHER HOUSE enables families of wounded soldiers to be near their loved ones in their time of need.  We appreciate the sacrifice of our military families so we are making a special contribution to support the work of FISHER HOUSE and have included you as one of the friends of Agility Consulting in this contribution. You may click on the Marathon Jam Benefit for Fisher House link should you wish to make your own contribution to FISHER HOUSE or how to either find a Marathon Jam in your area ... or maybe start one.

May you and your family enjoy the peace and
joy that defines this blessed holiday.
Ben Baran, Meaghan O'Shea Clayton,
Mike Richardson, Nick & Rhonda Horney and Tom O'Shea

Your friends at Agility Consulting & Training, LLC