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2016 Human Capital Summit
By Nick Horney, Ph.D., Leadership Agility Practice Leader

Please join us on March 29-30, 2016 in New Orleans for the Human Capital Institute Summit.  The theme of the summit is Talent Management Agility. Agility Consulting will be a Platinum sponsor for the HCI Summit.  If you will be attending this conference, please stop by to visit with the Agility Consulting Team at our booth.
"Talent agility supports quick adaptations to changing business conditions through efficient and flexible processes that provide continuous improvements throughout the organization. These processes are supported by a new order of interconnecting levels of talent management that move past traditional roles, responsibilities, and corporate structure to become adaptive and fluent in change."

Following the HCI Summit, you are invited to join us at our Agility Affiliate meeting on March 31 in New Orleans (details to follow).  Click here for more information.  

Chaos Is Not Your Problem.
Your Relationship With It Is.
By Mike Richardson, Team Agility Practice Leader 

When working with teams of all descriptions and, in particular, CEOs and their executive  leadership teams, I help them explore the secrets of agility, understanding what it is and what it isn't, to develop agile-teamwork. Teams who are able to:

nticipate Change 
Generate Confidence
Initiate Action
Liberate Thinking
Evaluate Results

In particular, I help them understand the day to day realities they run into which they must change their relationship with: Everyday Agile Teamwork. The #1 reality is CHAOS! In an increasingly VUCA World chaos is only going to get worse. So, it isn't the presence or absence of chaos which separates agile teams and fragile teams, victors from victims and the best from the rest. Chaos is not your problem. It's your relationship with it that is! What relationship do you have with chaos? Disorganized-chaos or organized-chaos?
The majority of teams and leaders are stuck in dis-organized chaos: Constant Headaches And
Ongoing Surprises. A minority of leaders and teams live in organized chaos: Constantly Having An Organizing System. These are two very different worlds as we have been reminded of in only the last few weeks...         

Having Trouble with a Project? Beat the Drum!
By Ben Baran, Ph.D., Agility Analytics Practice Leader

Consider one of your current projects. Is it on track? Is it progressing at the right pace? Chances are that it's probably not. And the odds are even greater that it's not progressing faster than expected.
The research and practice on managing projects is fairly clear: To get results, people need to be held accountable for doing their part, on a regular basis. This is what I think of as the "drumbeat" of organizational change and project management.
What might that look like?
As I mentioned last month, I've had a front-row seat to the birth of a startup during the past four months. During that time, I've been encouraging the team of three co-founders to set in motion a series of routines that help them drive effectiveness and efficiency.
Every week, I've had them rate their team on the 15 capabilities of The Agile Model®. I've also had them answer a series of open-ended questions about what they think is going well and how they could improve. They then use their responses-which have all been submitted independently, so they aren't biased by each other's responses-to fuel productive meetings about their direction and progress. I originally only asked to participate in this way during the first four months of their existence, but they've liked this process so much that they've asked to continue.

By Tom O'Shea, CMC, Organizational Agility Practice Leader    

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling across a large section of the southeast as I went down to Atlanta across to Savannah and back up through a soggy South Carolina to my home in Greensboro, North Carolina.  After what seems like a lifetime of rain and dreariness for the past couple of weeks, I was greatly aided by some brilliant blue skies and bright sunshine as traveling companions while I made my way across what many in the South call "God's Country".  The week has been filled with new insights and affirming validations.  I kicked off the week with a new executive coaching client in Atlanta and was once again blown away with the tremendous capacity of the human spirit to reach deep and rise high when fully committed to transformation.  Not every day you work with a successful executive running a $300 million plus business unit in a $6B enterprise whose life story includes living homeless under park benches in NYC as a young person - still very hungry for learning and leadership nourishment.  No doubt this executive has faced many moments of truth and crossroads where being AGILE really mattered.  Being agile means facing the dilemma of change and not backing away ... right?

Creating Agility in a VUCA World!


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