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JULY 2015

Focused, Fast & Flexible is now available!!  


As we introduce our new book to the marketplace, there are a number of pages, charts and elements to guide readers towards that goal of becoming focused, fast and flexible to gain sustainable advantage in this VUCA world.  


In addition to  the pages describing The Agile Model®, none are more important than what you will find on page twenty-seven - the Agility Core Belief System.  Outlined there are a set of core tenets that represent a spectrum of beliefs - how strongly do you believe each of these statements?  We find the speed and sustainability of the Agile Transformation is directly linked to the strength and understanding in these core beliefs.   

  • The world will continue to move faster and get more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) in the future - a lot more.
  • Agility is not just nice to do.  It is an imperative for survival and a competitive.
  • Your PEOPLE are indeed the highest priority and the are the basis for your adaptability and the key to customer satisfaction.
  • All team members must share a mindset of being focused, fast and flexible supported by excellence in The Agile Model® drivers and capabilities to sustain agility.
  • A culture of agility is vital to success: caring, connecting, committed, challenging, curious and creating.
  • Core operating principles for agility include speed, simplicity, synchronicity, fluidity, modularity and scalability.

Creating Agility as an Advantage in a VUCA World depends on building both right capabilities AND a shared belief system that vibrates throughout the organization.   


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Waterfall-Teamwork vs Agile-Teamwork - Part 3

By Mike Richardson, Team Agility Practice Leader



In an increasingly   VUCA world, waterfall teamwork doesn't work! What's "waterfall"? Review parts 1 and 2 of this article:


In Part 1 we looked at how the future of agile-teamwork is already here, in the field of agile-software-development. Yet many leaders, teams and organizations are still stuck in waterfall-teamwork.   


In Part 2 we looked at the major contrasts between waterfall and agile, as two fundamentally different modes of teamwork, and how we encounter waterfall thinking way too much in business.


More and more leaders are realizing that waterfall-teamwork doesn't work in an increasingly VUCA world and are transitioning to the flow of agile-teamwork.  

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 5 Sure-Fire Reasons You'll Love The VUCA Report™

By Ben Baran, Ph.D., Agility Analytics Practice Leader


Along with taking The Strategic Agility Institute to the next level, we're launching The VUCA Report™, an ongoing global study that will systematically capture and report important trends and agility practices to help leaders and organizations thrive.


The VUCA Report Survey™ is now open. We invite you-and all of your colleagues (feel free to forward this to others)-to take the survey. Everyone who takes the survey will receive a free report outlining the results. Click here to take the survey.


We'll be collecting data for the next few weeks until we have a sizeable sample. We'll then analyze the data and publish The VUCA Report™, which we anticipate being ready by the middle of September.

Agility Affiliate Network: Carlos Perea  

With nearly four decades of senior-level executive career experience in Human Resources and Business Operations, Atlanta-based Carlos Perea is using his experience to help organizations leverage their most critical asset, people. As Founder & President of CGP Organizational Consulting, an Agility Consulting Affiliate, his specialties include Change Leadership, Business Strategy, HR Strategy Alignment, Talent Management and Executive Coaching.

As a seasoned executive, Carlos has served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer for BJC, as well as the Executive Vice President of Human Resources at BellSouth Corporation in Atlanta. Additional Human Resources career stops include Aeroquip-Vickers, Werner Co, and Alfa Laval Separation.
Carlos launched his HR career with 14 years at GE, progressing from an entry-level position to integral senior management roles in Human Resources and Community Relations throughout numerous divisions, including Aerospace, Power and Aircraft Engines. He also gained extensive experience through his participation in key change initiatives employed by GE to transform itself during the renowned Jack Welch era, while earning certification in Work Out, the Change Acceleration Program and Six Sigma.

Born in Mexico City, Carlos moved to the U.S. at age 11. Now a U.S. citizen, he earned his Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology from Philadelphia's Temple University. He is married, with two sons.

Creating Agility in a VUCA World!


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