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Analytics as the Antidote to Strategic Fog
By Ben Baran, Ph.D. (Lt. Cmdr., U.S. Navy Reserve)

Rule Number 3 of the U.S. Coast Guard's Navigation Rules defines restricted visibility as "any condition in which visibility is restricted by fog, mist, falling snow, heavy rainstorms, sandstorms, or any other similar causes." During such instances, mariners are to follow Rule Number 19. This rule specifies, among other steps, that mariners must always be ready to change course, alter speed and assess the risk of collision with other vessels. 

While serving as Officer of the Deck aboard USS Preble (DDG 88) more than a decade ago, I experienced numerous instances of restricted visibility. Most times this occurred as a result of the fog that occasionally blanketed the waters off the coast of our homeport in San Diego, Calif. And in addition to following Rule Number 19, I followed U.S. Navy regulations dictating measures such as posting special lookout stations at the bow and stern of our 509.5-foot-long warship.  >>READ MORE

Leadership Agility in a VUCA World:  Update 2015
By Nick Horney, Ph.D., Principal


In 2010, the first article on Leadership Agility in a VUCA World was co-authored by Nick Horney, Bill Passmore and Tom O'Shea in the People & Strategy Journal.  The article was entitled "Leadership Agility: A Business Imperative for a VUCA World" and was a wake-up call to organizations about the critical need to identify and  develop leaders that demonstrate leadership agility.  Agility Consulting has led the way in researching and developing products and services for organizations to identify, assess, develop and deploy leaders with agility.  Since 2010, many others (e.g., academics, consultants, business executives, etc.) have become increasingly aware of the critical need for leaders with agility within a continuously changing VUCA business environment.  There have been no less than 500 articles, whitepapers, videos, seminars and books on the topic of leadership agility or adaptability in a VUCA world since our leadership agility article was published.   Many of these books, seminars and whitepapers referenced The AGILE Model® and original article (e.g., Human Resource Transformation, Forbes and UNC Chapel Hill).  Several thousand leaders representing a wide range of industry sectors and locations (foreign and domestic) have participated in a leadership agility seminar designed and implemented through Agility Consulting.  While others remain focused at a conceptual level, Agility Consulting continued researching and working with clients to provide relevant products and services that can enable organizations to identify, develop and deploy leaders with  leadership agility. >> READ THE 2015 UPDATE  

MATRIX ORGANIZATIONS: Designed for Collaboration and Agility!
By Tom O'Shea, CMC, Principal

It is clear from our work with global clients as well as the increasing frequency of contacts from prospective clients and practitioners who have read our previously published white paper on Matrix Design - the topic of how to operate effective matrix organization in this faster paced VUCA world is continuing to be highly relevant topic of strategic interest. 


The dynamics that fuel some organizations VUCAshere are propelling organizations and leaders into level five turbulence and causing stress fractures in static matrix structures that have not evolved or adapted. Some organizations are looking to create their first introduction of matrix organizations and will be facing the needs to develop new codes of conduct, decision-rights and collaboration protocols operating at blinding speed. 


A Chicago-based client once used the analogy for this kind of initiative as trying to change the tires on an eighteen wheeler going down the highway at 80 miles per hour ... hiked up on only half the wheels.  Here is a link to our original white paper -  Matrix Organizations: Design for Collaboration and Agility! Stay tuned for an updated white paper with our latest thinking and including perspectives from some of our colleagues.  We invite your thoughts and experiences on this important topic.  

Creating Agility in a VUCA World!
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