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Nick Horney, PhD, Agility Consulting Principal


Dr. Horney will present a case study on November 18, with client Gary McKinney, at the Project Management Institute's Annual PMO Symposium in Miami Beach, FL.  The session will focus on the assessment and development of high potential talent at an oil & gas industry client to help accelerate the transformation to an agile organization.  During the past three years Valerus has embraced The AGILE Model an organizational development and talent management framework, to help define and drive transformation. Through the Accelerated Leadership Development Program, HR built agility into its talent management process.  The Valerus business results of 46% revenue growth, year over year, for the past three years, combined with a similar EBITDA growth over the past 3 years of 21%, lends credibility to the business impact of this strategic talent management initiative.  


Read more information about the session entitled "Developing Leadership Agility and Organizational Agility Through High Potential Talent Management," by clicking HERE


In addition, on November 19, Dr. Horney will facilitate an Executive Roundtable session at the PMO Symposium on Talent Development - Developing a Robust Leadership Pipeline.


Tom O'Shea, CMC, Agility Consulting Principal


So, last Friday night was Halloween and all the goblins and the latest craze of cartoon characters (most of whom I no longer recognize) were rampant around the neighborhoods and for several days thereafter on all the social media outlets.  My two young grandsons were decked out as the Mario Brothers ready to romp through the neighborhood collecting all sorts of treats and prizes.  

The most startling Halloween image by far was the one of two five year olds dressed like grandma and grandpa - complete with grey wigs, bifocals, bathrobes and pushing walkers door to door.  I could not help thinking about the parody on our times represented by this image ... organizations that might be young but feeling feeble; a future constrained by organizational walkers and a lack of nimbleness?   What is your image of 2015 ... vibrant or feeble?  Are you feeling healthy or beginning to recognize greater organizational aches and pains as you try and keep up with the pace of business today? >> READ MORE

The Past & Future of Global Organizations

Whether or not your organization considers itself a "global" organization in the traditional sense of that word, the lessons and operating principles of global 

organizations apply universally.  The old adage of "think globally and act locally" continues to take on new meaning as all of our stakeholders reflect the global nature of our world today.  This global paradigm spans our supply chains, workforces, customers, consumers, investors and extended communities.  As we all strive to create more agile leaders and organizations, adopting the mental model mindset needed in the mainstay global organizations will benefit all organizations.


This recent McKinsey paper provides relevant insights applicable to all. >> READ MORE

Creating Agility in a VUCA World!
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