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Looking for ways to enjoy a memorable, unique holiday without breaking the bank? If you've not already discovered the adventure of home swapping, there's no time like the present to check out thousands of tempting exchange offers worldwide. Start contacting Home Base Holidays members now and arrange your dream vacation in 2015. Find out more: www.homebase-hols.com

Featured home exchange offers
Home Swap in Spain
El Port de la Selva, Spain
4 bed home overlooking the sea
Home Exchange in Cornwall
Penzance, Cornwall, England
Stunning 2 bed converted church
Win a Kobo eReader winning entry
Win a Kobo eReader We've been delighted to see so many members submitting their entries to the Kobo eReader competition. From the trip reports and emails received we've randomly selected a winning entry.

Competition winner: Teresa (Ottawa, Canada HE24718)

Teresa wrote: "I am now retired but while I was still working, your website was my escape on those days when things at work were stressful. I would think to myself, where woud I like to be, and then search your site for homes there and dream of one day signing on and really exchanging! And here I am - retired, a member and ready to do my first exchange! It is a wonderful way to reduce costs and best of all live in a real home and get to know an area. Here's hoping this will be the first of many exchanges and adventures!"
Home swap Q&A planning a swap several months in advance
Home Swap Tips Q: I am looking for an exchange this year but have had a home swap offer for 2016. Being a member with no experience, could there be pitfalls in planning so far ahead?

A: Many members do plan home swaps several months ahead so, by this time of year, there will be some already looking for exchanges in 2016. There shouldn't be any problem in planning an exchange so far ahead but it is important, even after you both feel you have made most of the arrangements for the exchange, that you keep in regular contact (this is a reassurance to both parties that the exchange is still on). If your swap involves flights, you may not want to book them so far in advance but, agree with your exchange partners when to book flights, book them at the same time and then share your confirmations - this is another reassurance to both that the agreed exchange is unlikely to be cancelled by either party.

Even if you agree to go ahead with the exchange next year, you can still continue to look for exchanges this year too.
Home swap offers just in
Home Swap in Amsterdam
 Amsterdam, Netherlands
 Central 2 bed apartment
Home Exchange in Venice
 Venice, Italy
 2 bed in heart of Venice
Home Swap in Vanuata
 Port Villa, Vanuata
 2 bed beachfront home
Participants needed for BBC One's Home Away from Home
BBC One series on home swapping BBC One's Home Away from Home is back and are looking for people who want to try out a home swap holiday in the UK.

Do you live in a home you'd be happy to swap with someone elsewhere in the UK for a short break?

For an application form or an initial chat, please contact us at info@homebase-hols.com ("TV series" in the subject line) and we'll forward your message to Emma, the Assistant Producer, who will then contact your directly.
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