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Happy Easter and happy home swap holidays!

Step off the tourist trail and really get a feel for the places you visit by arranging a home swap with Home Base Holidays. Enjoy free holiday accommodation and choose from thousands of tempting home swap travel offers including city apartments, country cottages and beach villas, you're sure to find your perfect match.

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Featured home exchange offers
English village home exchange
Saffron Walden, England
17th Century thatched cottage
Australian house swap
Wangi Wangi, Australia
Stunning lakeside home in NSW
Home swap in France a perfect holiday!
Home Swap in France "Beatrix was a delight to communicate with and she made sure that our swap was very easy and straightforward. We travelled by rail from London to Bezier and then by bus to the villa. Great scenery and very relaxing. We had such a relaxing and comfortable stay that we didn't venture very far. We swam in the pool or sea every day. The weather was superb - blue skies, hot and sunny with one amazing thunderstorm. We are hoping to return. Definitely recommended!" (HelenGreenwich, London, England)


View Helen & Paul's home swap offer in Greenwich, London, England

View Beatrix's cosy beach side villa in Portiragnes Plage, France

Home swap Q&A can I advertise my holiday rental?
Home Swap Tips Q: Can I use Home Base Holidays to advertise my holiday rental?

A: As Home Base Holidays members are primarily interested in arranging home swaps, rental only offers are not accepted on the site. However, sometimes members with second homes will offer them for rental at times where they can't consider exchanges.
Home swap offers just in
Home Swap in Ireland
 Galway, Ireland
 Panoramic sea views
Santa Barbara home exchange
 Santa Barbara, USA
 Lovely mountain backdrop
Houseboat swap
 Warwickshire, England
 62' narrowboat swap
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UK members: Can you recommend insurance companies that have provided household insurance cover (at no or little additional cost or few restrictions) for periods when you've had home swap guests? We'd love to hear your experiences and recommendations: info@homebase-hols.com
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