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Home Exchange offer in Istanbul
Golf home swap
Home Swap Scotland
Paris home exchange
Golf swap in Bali
Fantastic swap on Bali situation on the golf course. 
Cottage in Scotland
Lovely traditional highland cottage in Tain.
Central Paris
Beautiful apartment in the centre of Paris.
"We have had many successful worldwide home exchanges which we have thoroughly enjoyed and we have made life-long friends."
Bev & Phil M   (Newnham-On-Severn, UK)
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Home swap in Canada: a truly magical vacation!
Ottawa, Canada "We have done two house swaps, one to Sweden and one to Canada. 
When we went to Canada, we were very impressed by the house and the facilities, including a pool and a hot tub. The thoughtfulness of our hosts also made our holiday really enjoyable. The Canadian family left us a meal made with local ingredients and had also arranged for us to have a meal with their neighbours one evening. 
The house was in a smart suburban street, a short drive from the bustling city of Ottawa and we had a wonderful time exploring art galleries, museums and markets. 
We had been told that there was a national park nearby and we'd been left bikes for the whole family, so one day we set off down the road and into the woods. In the blink of an eye, we found ourselves in a beautiful, unspoilt wilderness. The children were fascinated to hear that these woods were populated by bears, wolves and beavers. As we turned a corner, we came upon a vast, glistening blue lake, surrounded by woods. We were the only people there and we stopped, awe struck by the amazing view. As we watched, an enormous fish leapt from the lake and disappeared again beneath the surface. A truly magical vacation." 
Sarah L
From Sarah's home exchange offer in Hereford, England:
Herefordshire is a beautiful area. There is plenty to do but the city has an unspoilt feel, and there are lots of hidden treasures to discover (the oldest map in the world, for example!)'. The family home is a Victorian semi-detached house on a quiet street. See Sarah's full home swap offer in Hereford.
Home exchange in Spain
House boat swap
Hanoi home exchange
Spanish swap
Old Spanish townhouse in Salt, Girona, Catalonia.
London yacht swap
Stay in a yacht next to the Tower of London. 
Visit Hanoi
Modern home with pool in Hanoi, Vietnam.
UK Swap Request: BBC TV series on home swapping
We have circulated the following BBC request for home exchangers interested in taking part in this series before (thank you to all Home Base Holidays members who responded) but, as it is a lengthy series, even more participants are needed for some of the weekend swaps: 
'Do you live in a lovely home in a terrific location anywhere in Britain? Would you like to swap homes for a memorable weekend in another fantastic part of Britain? If you'd like to taste superb local cuisine and take part in fabulous activities that go beyond the guide book, then we want to hear from you!' 
For an application form or just an initial chat, please contact us with the the subject line "BBC Swaps" to info@homebase-hols.com and we'll forward your message to Kieran McCarthy at the BBC.
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This exclusive promotion to all existing and new Home Base Holidays members allows you to claim a complimentary one year membership to an additional home swap site, Global Home Exchange, based in North America. To take up this offer, send us an email to info@homebase-hols.com with the subject line "Global offer" and a note of the password and any special requirements you would like set.

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