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Home exchange in England
Lake District accommodation
Home swap on the US Virgin Islands
Spanish swap
Beautiful home in Salobrena overlooking the sea. 
Lake District swap
200 year old farmhouse on the edge of the national park.
US Virgin Islands
Spectacular location on the Caribbean Sea.
"We have enjoyed many exchanges all over the UK and in Europe and are always careful and respectful of other people's homes."
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BBC series on home swaps in Britain: Want to take part?

BBC OneBBC One are looking for couples living in Britain who haven't swapped homes before and would like to try out a home swap weekend within Britain for a new TV series. If you meet the criteria and are interested, please contact Home Base Holidays for an application form (with no obligation).

Contact us at: info@homebase-hols.com

Member report: Soggy (but special) Scotland!  
Home Swap in Scotland "Would you plan a trip to the Scottish countryside in the middle of winter? It wouldn't have crossed my mind to head further north than we are already (in Switzerland), to where the days are even shorter and the weather not known to be winter wonderful! But when Anne contacted me to suggest a swap over the Christmas/New Year period of 2013 I immediately thought - why not? As it turned out we were to experience a holiday with Weather with a capital W!

When we arrived in the little hamlet of Roberton Danny and Anne gave us a wonderful dinner and showed us their comfortable house, lovingly and beautifully decorated with an interesting layout and a long history. We knew immediately that we'd be very happy staying there for the next two weeks.

We spent Christmas and New Year snuggled up in our cosy living room with the wood burner, the TV and scoffing all the Quality Street and local specialities Anne and Danny had left for us. We met the neighbours shortly before New Year - what delightful people, they were so welcoming and encouraged us to join in the ceilidh on New Year's Eve. That turned out to be a really special experience - we met many more Robertonians, all of them wonderfully open, friendly people who drew us in to the traditional dances and were impressively good at belting out popular songs! No wonder Anne and Danny love living there so much.

This was our third exchange and once again we've found that special empathy that comes from sharing other people's lives, meeting their neighbours and experiencing their environment. Weather and all, the memories are special and we'd do it again!"             
Visit Edinburgh
Home for exchange in Wales
Edinburgh exchange
Lovely Victorian home in central Edinburgh.
Cottage in Wales
Beautiful 2 bed cottage in Llandeilo, Wales. 
Fantastic France
Fantastic farmhouse cottage in St.Leger.  
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