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Home Swap in Provence
Cornwall Cottage
Caribbean home exchange
Seattle Home Swap
Cornwall's coast
Enjoy beautiful countryside and coastal paths.
Tropical swap
Winter sun? Check out this lovely condo in Antigua.
Seattle swap
Beautiful house in central Seattle.
"We have been lucky to have had 12 super home exchanges through Europe and Oz and have made friends with every one of our exchangers; always looking for more adventures in that great big world."
Goretti O  (Perth, Australia)
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Swap experience 'Packed with wonder and delight'
Collecting the NY Times in snow shoes, something not required in Australia!

"We have completed nine wonderful exchanges over recent years, all 110% successful.

We spent six outstanding months living in Boston on the US East Coast on one exchange. Concerts, lectures at Harvard and JFK Library, top quality church services, attending political rallies with Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy, the picturesque coastline, shopping duty-free in New Hampshire, the beauty of The Fall, waking to big snow falls, spring bursting out all over. These all made for daily enchantment. We had another three deeply nourishing months in Boston on a following exchange and are keen to return a third time.

On our third exchange to the area, we spent three months in Potomac, Maryland, only 20 minutes' drive from Washington DC. What wonders filled our lives each day. DC is full of American national monuments, many of which are free to visit; plus the underground Metro gets you around cheaply and easily.

Each of our exchange homes and cars have been first class; each of our US exchange partners have become friends; each of our US East Coast stays have been jam packed with wonder and delight, plus the Americans amazingly generous time-and-time again. We cannot recommend home exchange to Boston and Washington DC highly enough."

Barry Fox

Barry's Melbourne home is in a bushland setting among eucalypt trees; Click here to see full details of his home swap offer
Home Swap Q&A
Home Swap Q&A: when to start planning?

Q: I want to swap my London flat for similar in an Australian city in July or August. When should I start looking?

A: Many members looking for Spring and Summer 2014 swaps are joining now. Some members do arrange swaps at short notice (see our Last Minute Offers section) but it is always advisable to give yourself plenty of time to find a suitable exchange. We generally advise that you give yourself at least 4 months to find and plan your exchange. The more specific your request is (e.g. long term swaps) the more time you should allow. Contact any members whose offers are of interest and, if no immediate takers, regularly check and contact new members as they join.
Once you have a good match, spend the period in the run-up to your exchange dates corresponding regularly with your exchange partners. Allowing plenty of time for planning ensures both parties to the swap will feel confident that all aspects have been covered and that you will be comfortable leaving your homes in each other's care.
Swap offer in Spain
Italian exchange
Visit Vancouver
Downtown condo with mountain and bay views,
Spanish swap
Stay in the historic town of Santes Creus.
Italian island
Apartment on beautiful Isola dei Pescatori.
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