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Home Swap in MexicoFeatured Home Swap

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Located in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico's outstading colonial town. This stunning, three story, four bedroom masterpiece of indoor/outdoor living was designed by a leading San Miguel artist for his own use. 

Exchange request: Open to offers


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Home exchange Italy
London Home Swap
Sydney home exchange
800 year old home in lovely medeival Italian town.
Split level apartment with views of the Thames river. 
Apartment on the edge of the Sydney harbour.
"We have had three successful house swaps so far and look forward to many more. We are open to consider any offers and would be happy to swap in August during the Edinburgh Festival."
Home swap tip: use good photos to make your offer stand out 
Use good quality photos of your homeGood quality photos can be one of the best ways to make your home swap offer stand out. It's always a shame when homes that are clearly lovely are let down by photos displaying a lot of clutter, photos with bad lighting or worse... no photos at all.


The good news is that you don't need to be pro photographer or have expensive equipment to take good photos of your home - just grab your point and shoot and follow the simple guidelines shown below.


General Tips and Tricks

  • Turn off the camera's date/time stamp.
  • Don't use a flash when photographing windows or glass surfaces.
  • Don't tilt the camera. Photographing a house or a room or a piece of furniture straight-on generally works best.

Tips for Shooting Interiors

  • Tidy up the clutter! Put away clothes in the bedrooms, clean off countertops in the kitchen, and fold the towels in the bathrooms. Remember - less is often more.
  • If possible shoot in natural light without the flash. Choose the time of day when the sun illuminates the room. However make sure your photos are not too dark - if you have to use your flash try to choose an angle that avoids harsh shadows.
  • Select the best possible portion of a room to photograph.
  • If your camera allows, try setting the lens to a wide angle to frame as much of the room as possible.

Tips for Shooting Exteriors

  • Frame your home so that you include some extra space around it. This gives the building context.
  • Try to keep the sun behind you. Whenever possible, utilize softer early morning or late afternoon light.

Send us your photos


If you are still unhappy with your photos please do send them to us at info@homebase-hols.com and we will use our photo editing software to try to bring out the best in your photos before uploading them to your home swap listing.  

Acapulco Accommodation
English seaside accommodation
New York Home Swap
Mexican beach house with stunning sea views.
Lovely English seaside home looking for Sydney swap.
New York
Apartment in the heart of Manhattan.
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'Cancel for any reason' travel insurance for home swappers 


One thing that some people new to home exchange  sometimes worry about is - what if their home swap partner has to cancel? Although this is very rare it can happen for reasons such as: a sick parent, a job loss or a death in the family. While home exchange is one of the most cost effective ways to travel, it is good to know that your travel insurance would also cover the cost of your tickets in the event that your exchange had to be cancelled.


It is also always recommended that you make sure that your travel insurance also covers the costs of emergency medical care. If you're traveling outside your health insurance network, and experience a medical emergency, you don't want to have to pay for expensive medical treatment out of pocket. 


We've been sent the following Travel Insurance Review link to compare plans and get the right coverage at the best possible price. There's also their recent post: 15 Reasons to Buy 'Cancel for any reason' for Home Exchange Travel for more details.

Featured long term swap offer: Vancouver to London for 8 months


Long term home swap in Vancouver"When I got the acceptance letter to do my Masters in London, I was ecstatic. The programme is one I hadn't found anywhere else in the world and the school has a top notch reputation in the field (Dance Anthropology). But now the task of deciding where to live (and what to do with my condo here in Vancouver, Canada) has begun. My first impulse was to see if someone in London would swap homes with me, allowing both of us to experience life in another city as a local. So I signed up with Home Base Holidays and posted my condo listing as a potential long term swap. I'm hoping that there is someone out there, ideally living in the Southwest of London (or with easy access to Roehampton University), who would like to come and visit Vancouver for 8 months (September 2013 to the end of April 2014). Look forward to hearing from you!"

Lori (Vancouver, Canada)


If you live in London England and are interested in an 8 month swap to Vancouver then check out Lori's home swap offer...

Members offer: join second home swap site for free!


If you are a current Home Base Holidays member, you are offered complimentary one year membership to a second North American home exchange agency. To take up this offer, contact us (subject line: Global offer) with a note of the password you would like set.  


Your message, along with a link to your Home Base Holidays listing, will be forwarded to a representative of the 2nd swap site who will contact you directly with information on using the site. Contact us to sign up to the free offer! 

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