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Home Exchange in France Featured Home Swap

St-Guilhem-le-Désert, France

900-year-old stone house in one of France's most beautiful villages. St-Guilhem-le-Desert is a UNESCO world heritage site with an extraordinary setting will appeal to aesthetes and outdoor-activity lovers alike. 

Exchange request: London and Paris


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10 good reasons to arrange a home exchange


London Home SwapIf you subscribe to our blog, Travel the Home Exchange Way, or follow Home Base Holidays on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen that we have just finished publishing a series of posts on the various ways members use home swaps as well as for vacations. 


We are bound to have missed some of your very creative ideas for making use of a home or hospitality exchange but here are the ones we've seen mentioned many times. Each post includes examples of current home swap offers. Click the links below to read the posts and see the offers.


  1. Freelance workers - More and more freelancers and people running online or home based businesses have the freedom to work almost anywhere ('location independent'). Home Base Holidays members who fit this category make ideal home exchangers as they are often able to be flexible on dates, length of exchange and exact locations (much like many retired members).
  1. Try a new area before moving - Is a move from a hectic pace in the city to relaxed country living becoming more and more attractive? What better way to try out an area than by arranging a home swap (preferably for a lengthy period or at the grottiest time of year weather-wise, so that you get a real taste of what a permanent move would be like!).
  1. Special occasions - Attending a wedding or a special birthday celebration? Swapping homes is a great alternative to a hotel room or staying with relatives.
  1. Visiting family - Arranging a home exchange near family can be the best of both worlds - the chance to spend time together but with time to relax in your own private space too. 
  1. Introduce children to your native country - Many families are separated from loved ones by thousands of miles. As well as wanting children to know their relatives abroad, it's natural to hope that they'll feel a connection to your country too. Arranging home swaps 'back home' can enable lengthy stays at very little cost.
  1. For work - Going to another country for work reasons can involve a stay of a couple of weeks for a particular project to a year on sabbatical. It can be expensive to rent accommodation for lengthy periods and so arranging a home swap is a major money saver.
  1. Sporting & cultural events - Last year a large number of Home Base Holidays members offered and arranged home swaps near 2012 Olympic venues. Arranging a home exchange to attend an international sporting & cultural events is an excellent idea. There are always locals who aren't interested in the event who are happy to offer their homes for exchanges during these periods. 
  1. Immigrating - If you have the option, it is a good idea to spend a lengthy period in the country before making the final decision to immigrate. You will get a much better feel for what life will be like once you move than you possibly can when staying in a hotel for a short period.
  1. Studying/improving language skills - Many Home Base Holidays members seek to immerse themselves in another country in order to learn or improve language skills, and some arrange (for themselves or their children) to attend classes locally.
  1. Luxury accommodation at no cost! - Many of the most desirable homes offered for exchange are not necessarily large or grand but are special in some way, whether the home itself (well preserved period properties are always popular as are unique designs and conversions), the facilities (e.g. a private pool is always a winner), an amazing location or a breath taking view.


We'd love to hear how you have used, or are planning to use, home swaps. Send your stories to Home Base Holidays. We will publish top stories and tips in the newsletter or on the home swap blog, giving your exchange offer extra publicity, plus add an additional three months to your membership. 


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Please reply to all messages: As it's really disappointing to not receive replies to exchange offer messages, please always reply to all home exchange requests promptly even if the offer isn't of interest or you need time to think about it. 


Already arranged an exchange? If you have already arranged the swap you wanted, change your dates and destinations or, if you can't consider further exchanges at present, tick the "Exchange request fulfilled" box from your members area's "Edit listing" section; this will deter members from contacting you until you update your listing and un-tick the box.


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The second issue of EuroTravel Magazine includes many articles of interest to visitors to Europe. Read the excellent article on home exchange (p. 86) and, if you aren't already a member, use the 20% discount code in the article when you join Home Base Holidays. 

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