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Volume 2, Issue 5                                                     November  2014
CIFS Global Summit
By: Dr. Juliene Stafford, Industry Liaison Officer, CIFS Industry Partnership Program



From printed phyllo pastries to petite peppers packing powerful nutritional punches, innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration will be key ingredients forming the future of food. Academic experts and industry insiders will gather at Cornell University on December 8 for a global summit to discuss new approaches to emerging food system challenges. They will serve up fresh findings and engaging exchanges on a range of topics, from the business of food, to its nutrition, safety and consumption around the world. Also on the menu: hands-on technology demonstrations, resource exhibits, networking opportunities, and presentations from the next generation of food scientists and researchers. Special emphasis will be placed on the power of integrative approaches and the role that public-private partnerships can play in driving innovation and shaping sustainable solutions. For more information and registration, visit

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Cornell Food Science Hosts First-Ever IDFA NextGEN Leadership Symposium
By: Tristan Zuber, Dairy Foods Support Specialist, Harvest NY

Leadership. It's a necessary skill not only for senior executives, but also for all those who want to strive for continuous improvement in the workplace.  The future of the dairy foods industry will rely on a new generation of leaders who understand and can overcome challenges that our growing sector faces and developing these future leaders is something that Cornell University and the International Dairy Foods Association is addressing through a collaboration known as the NextGEN Dairy Network.


In early October, IDFA teamed up with Cornell Food Science and Dairy Foods Extension to host the first-ever NextGEN Leadership Symposium.  The program gave an overview of the dairy foods industry from production to processing and marketing, while focusing on personal and professional development.

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Steve Palladino of Walnet Ridge Dairy speaks on dairy farming in New York State.


Food Safety Systems for Artisan/Farmstead Food Processors

By: Kimberly Bukowski, Extesion Associate, Dairy Foods Extension

For the first time we are offering a hands on, practical approach to developing Food Safety Systems for small artisan/farmstead processors. It is targeted to those who need help setting up a Food Safety System in their facility. You will be provided pre-reading materials to help prepare for the class. Basic HACCP principles and pre-requisite programs will be covered.


Throughout the course, we will break up into specific cheese groups and you will receive guidance in developing specific plans for your facility. At the end of the workshop you will have a good start to developing Food Safety Systems. We will also cover all the Food Safety Programs needed in your facility that would meet FSMA and 3rd party auditing requirements.




Environmental Pathogen Monitoring Programs and how Cornell Dairy Foods Extension Can Help

By:Dr. Martin Wiedmann, Director of Cornell Dairy Foods Extension and the 3M Food Safety Laboratory


Many segments of the dairy processing industry see increased pressure to develop and implement effective Environmental Pathogen Monitoring Programs in their processing facilities. These programs are essential to reduce the risk of post-processing contamination with pathogens. Key pathogens that may be targeted by Environmental Pathogen Monitoring Programs are Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, and Cronobacter. While recent FDA visits to dairy and cheese processors seem to focus on FDA collecting samples that are tested for Salmonella and Cronobacter, any dairy processors needs to consider testing for all three pathogens and needs to use a risk-based approach to determine which of these pathogens need to be targeted in a facility's Environmental Pathogen Monitoring Programs. Read the entire article here. 

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Dairy Foods Extension Certificate Program Graduates


  •   Brett Abbey  from Stewart's Processing  has completed the Fluid Milk Processing Track. 
  •   Sarah Beno from Cornell University has completed the Fluid Milk Processing Track and The Science of Yogurt Tracks.
  • Lee Cadesky from Cornell University has completed The Science of Cheese making and Fluid Milk Processing Tracks.
  • Aljosa Trmcic from Cornell University has completed the Fluid Milk Processing Track.



The Faces of Cornell Dairy Foods Extension: 

Sarah Beno




Sarah Beno is a second year graduate student in the Food Safety Lab and the Milk Quality Improvement Program at Cornell University.  Sarah works with dairy processors in the area to develop, implement, and validate environmental sampling programs for Listeria monocytogenes.