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Volume 2, Issue 4                                                       September 2,  2014
Making a Splash in the Milk Bucket
By: Tristan Zuber, Dairy Foods Specialist - Harvest NY Program


Within industry, we have heard it over and over again about the growth of the dairy foods industry in New York State.  While exciting, it is imperative to assure resources are sufficient to support this growth, something we take personally at Cornell University Dairy Foods Extension.  This support includes providing technical support, improving workforce development and conducting research that will benefit all within the dairy foods industry.  Read the entire article here.

 Cornell teams up with IDFA to launch Leadership Development Program

By: Tristan Zuber, Dairy Foods Support Specialist, Harvest NY    


Cornell has teamed up with the International Dairy Foods Association to create the first opportunity for leadership development in the dairy foods industry.  The first ever NexGEN Symposium will be held October 6-8
at Cornell University and will feature exposure to the dairy industry from production, to processing, to supply chain distribution.  The program is also designed to enhance personal and professional networks, increase self-awareness and improve leadership skills in a way that can drive change within an organization.



Extension of shredded Mozzarella cheese shelf-life at ambient temperatures

By: Markus Walking-Ribeiro, Adi Md Sikin, and Dr. Syed Rizvi


Sustainable and safe preservation of cheese, avoiding spoilage or pathogenic contamination from production to consumption, has been a food processing challenge for a long time. In 2013 mozzarella ranked first, with a 33.4 percent share of 11.1 billion pounds of cheese produced in the United States (USDA, 2013). Its commercial relevance is well indicated by the main consumers, food service or fast food chains, using the dairy product, for instance, as topping in baked preparations such as pizza and au gratin dishes or as an ingredient in other foods (Mastromatteo et al., 2014). However, having to maintain the cold chain after cheese processing to minimize microbial growth, extend the shelf-life and retain the physico-chemical and organoleptical quality is still a major drawback based on the energy requirements and costs for refrigeration, location and climate dependant availability, and the associated lack of convenience for consumers to keep the cheese refrigerated at all times. Read the entire article here.



Cornell Institute for Foods Systems launches Industry Partnership Program

By:Dr. Julie Stafford, Industry Liaison Officer


The Cornell Institute for Food Systems (CIFS) is pleased to announce the launch of our new Industry Partnership Program (CIFS-IPP), a public-private partnership with a farm-to-fork focus, which engages with industry members throughout the food system. By working through the institute, CIFS-IPP makes available to industry members the ability to consult with over 60 Cornell University Faculty Fellows from more than a dozen disciplines.   Read the entire article here.

Cornell Dairy Foods Extension Teams Up with FuzeHub's Farm to Fork Solution Forum

By: Kimberly Bukowski, Dairy Extension Associate and Tristan Zuber, Dairy Foods Specialist

FuzeHub is an organization that works to better connect New York's small and mid-sized manufacturing companies to the resources, programs and expertise they need for technology commercialization, innovative solutions and business growth. They unite and integrate a broad network of multi-disciplinary public and private sector technology, industry and commercialization services, experts and partners.  One of those partners is the Cornell Dairy Foods Extension Team, bringing in a focus on the dairy foods industry. On October 3rd, Fuzehub will be hosting Farm to Fork Solutions Forum in Rochester, providing an opportunity for food manufacturing businesses to meet one-on-one to help identify solutions and meet specific company needs.  Read the entire article here.


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Dairy Foods Extension Certificate Program Graduates


  •   Riko  Chandra  from Reverie Cheese & Foods, Inc.   has completed the Science of Cheese Maiking  Track. 
  •   Jeniece   Goellner from Garelick Farms of New York  has completed the Fluid Milk Processing Track.