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Volume 2, Issue 2                                                                             May 6, 2014
Fresh Off The Press 

Cornell Dairy Foods Extension and NYATEP 

Host Workforce Development Summit

By:  Tristan Zuber, Extension Specialist, Harvest NY Program


Since taking this position at Cornell Cooperative Extension a year and a half ago, I am constantly discovering the struggle for food manufacturers in finding and accessing qualified employees from positions ranging from entry level to supervisor and management.  

There have been many efforts to alleviate this struggle, including development of a 2-week Food Processing Training Program by the Genesee County Economic Development Center, a new AAS Degree Program in Food Processing Technology by Genesee Community College, a Certificate program by Erie Community College and expansion of our Dairy Foods Extension Certification along with the courses that we offer.  One concern is that industry may not be fully engaged into these programs, something that needs to happen for these program's sustainability and success.


 On April 29, Cornell Dairy Foods Extension and NY's Workforce Development Agency - NYATEP (NY Association for Training and Employment Professionals)      teamed up to host the first ever Food and Beverage Processing Workforce Development Summit at Finger Lakes Community College.  Over 70 individuals from  government, regulatory, industry, training and education programs attended the summit.  Vinnie Esposito - Executive Director of Finger Lakes Economic State  Development, attended to mention ways that NY was working to support the growing food processing sector.  Casey McCue, Director of Milk Control at NYS Department  of Agriculture and Markets gave an accurate portrayal of the growth in Dairy Foods Processing, while Chris Gerling - Senior Extension Associate - gave an overview of the  growing Wine and Spirits sector and what this means in terms of employment. Read the entire article here.

NY State Fair Dairy Products Judging -

 A Cornell and NY State Agriculture & Markets Partnership for Over 35 Years

By: Steve Murphy, Senior Extension Associate, Cornell Dairy Foods Extension


Have you ever seen that dairy company truck driving down the road with "We're Number One" on its side? How about a billboard with "Gold Winner" or a Blue Ribbon attached to a dairy product?  Have you picked a package of cheese lately that said "First-Place" winner?  These, along with personal and company pride, are all the potential benefits of entering (and winning) a class in the NY State Fair Dairy Product Judging Competition held for NY State dairy companies every year.

The competition is administered by NY State Department of Agriculture and Markets (NYSDAM), Division of Milk Control and Dairy Services. Cornell University Dairy Foods Extension, in one of its many partnerships with NYSDAM, has played an active role in the judging and publicity nearly since the competition began.  Professor Dick March had the role of representing Cornell until 1977 when Professor Dave Bandler took over.  The original judging was done on the State Fair Grounds, but after one year of "hot, humid and flies," Dave brought the judging to Cornell in 1979, where it has been ever since. Read the entire article here.

Just in time for spring: 
 New Dairy Equipment in our Pilot Plant!

By:  Rob Ralyea, Senior Extension Assocate, Cornell Dairy Foods Extension 


Much like spring in the fields and woods brings new arrivals to our wildlife friends, so have new arrivals been occurring in the Cornell Food Science pilot plant in the form of new equipment.  Our most recent arrival is a KNA-3 Greek yogurt separator manufactured by GEA/Westphalia.  It made its inaugural Greek yogurt on April 21st and is now ready for product development use.


To enhance the ability to simulate plant conditions, we also had holding tubes arrive, donated by a group of individuals (Sean Creedon, John Dika, Eric Hallstead, Chuck Riley and Howard Van Buren).   These are now installed as an extended holding tube which gives us the capability of much longer holding times than what we previously had. Read the entire article here.

SQF Update

By:  Kim Bukowski, Extension Support Specialist , Cornell Dairy Foods Extension


SQF announced on Jan.6 2014 that they would become the first internationally accredited third-party assessment program to require unannounced audits.

The unannounced audit protocol will be implemented in July 2014 in the new edition 7.2, and will require that one out of every three SQF audits will be unannounced.

This new twist in the SQF audit process will encourage suppliers to be "audit ready" at anytime. Some of the challenges will be; having Plant Management including corporate staff available at an unannounced time. Scheduling vacations and shift coverage at the last minute and the costs involved in this. The proposed unannounced audit will take place within a 60-day window, 30 days prior or 30 days after the anniversary date. Each supplier will have only one unannounced audit in a 3-year cycle. Read the entire article here.



Developing Ice Cream in Africa 
with Cornell Alumni

By:  Kim Bukowski, Extension Support Specialist, Cornell Dairy Foods Extension Program


 If someone had told me that I would get the opportunity to travelto Kenya to help a couple of Cornell Alumni make ice cream I would never have believed it.  But that is exactly what I got to do.

Through another Cornell Alum, I was connected with Delia and Andy Sterling, both Cornell Alumni that own and operate a cheese plant in Nairobi. Kenya. Brown's Cheese has been in business for 30 years in Kenya. Delia and her husband have taken over the business from her parents and are working on adding ice cream to their product line.

There is no ice cream currently being produced in Kenya. Since they already have a distribution system in place for the cheese, adding ice cream to their lineup makes good business sense. Read the entire article here.


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