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Volume 2, Issue 1                                                                  January 7, 2014
Fresh Off The Press 

Happy New Year from the Dairy Foods Extension Team!  We are very hopeful that 2014 can top all the excitement that last year brought us.  With a growing team, a new Food Science Conference Center and a new dairy plant, it will be tough to beat. 


That said, we have much in store for you in 2014.  First off, we will be offering more workshops and adding a new workshop.  Our first ever Membrane, Evaporation & Drying Technology workshop will be held March 5-7. We are also offering the opportunity to take HACCP and the Basic Dairy Science & Sanitation Courses off-site; if you are interested in these options please contact Tristan Zuber.  Additionally, our Dairy Foods Extension Team has teamed up with the International Dairy Foods Association to assure and certify our training programs are meeting the needs of the industry and access the most credible speakers that will add to our workshops.


We are also working on many research projects that will benefit the industry as a whole.  For example, we are starting a new  research project on identifying sources of sporeforming bacteria that impact dairy products such as fluid milk, cheese and dry dairy powders .  We are also continuing to explore funding for new projects that will optimize and identify new uses for  Greek Yogurt Whey.  We look forward to working with New York Dairy Processors in 2014!

Dairy Research Update

 NYS Farm Viability Institute Awards Funding for research and education on identifying environmental sources of sporeforming bacteria

By:  Tristan Zuber

The New York Farm Viability Institute recently awarded $148,598 to the Milk Quality Improvement Program and the Harvest NY Program for a project involving source identification and education on entry of sporeforming bacteria at the dairy farm level.  Sporeformers are generally not evaluated by processors as quality indicators like Somatic Cell Count and Standard Plate Count, but have significant quality impacts.  Additionally, low somatic cell counts or low Standard Plate Counts are not necessarily indicative of low spore counts.  Click here for the entire article.

Extension Updates 

First Annual Membrane, Evaporation & Drying Technology Workshop to be held March 5-7, 2014

By: Tristan Zuber

Cornell University's Department of Food Science is offering a Membrane, Evaporation and Dryer Technology in Dairy Foods Processing Workshop, March 5-7, 2014 in Ithaca, NY. This workshop is designed to provide comprehensive instruction in filtration, evaporation and drying technology processes, cleaning technologies, and quality and safety of value added dairy ingredients.  The workshop agenda includes industry experts from all over the United States to speak on challenges and opportunities for the dairy industry. Click here for the entire article.


 Dairy Foods Certificate Program Graduates

Since its creation, many participants have completed the program. Click here for profiles of two of our graduates.

Evelyn Hadley-Rockhill
Joel Herrling












USDA Announces Grants are Available to Value-Added Producers

By:  Tristan Zuber

USDA recently announced that there is $10.5 million in grant funding available to agricultural producers looking to enter into value-added activities.  Click here for the entire article.

Recent Publications & Presentations
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 Please click here for a list and links to recent dairy food publications through Cornell Food Science.

Relevant Cornell Dairy News

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The Dairy Practices Council; a Resource  for Dairy Extension Programs Nation-wide

By:  Steve Murphy

If you work in the dairy industry, in any facet, you should be aware of the Dairy Practices Council (DPC).  The DPC is an organization made up of members from industry, regulatory and education with the primary objective of "developing and disseminating educational guidelines for the dairy industry, especially as related to proper and improved sanitation practices in the production and processing of high quality dairy products."  Currently, the DPC has over 90 guidelines published that range in topics from designing farm milking facilities to ensuring the safety and quality of the processed dairy products.  

Click here for the entire article.

Update on SQF

By:  Kimberly Bukowski

The annual SQF International Conference was held in Louisville, Kentucky on Nov. 5-7, 2013. Many current topics were covered including, an update on the Food Safety Modernization Act, top 10 SQF nonconformances, Supplier management, internal auditing, allergens, workforce training, environmental positives, validation versus, verification, and foreign material programs, along with many other interesting food safety topics. Click here for the entire article.


The Faces of Cornell Dairy Foods Extension
Dr. Aljosa Trmcic

We are pleased to welcome Aljosa (Al) to Cornell, not only as a post-doctoral researcher, but also as a contributor to the Cornell Dairy Foods Extension Program.  Dr. Aljosa Trmcic received a degree in Food Technology from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and a joined doctoral degree in Food Biotechnology from both University of Ljubljana and AgroParisTech, France.Click here for Al's full bio.


HACCP for Dairy Operations
January 28-30
Basic Dairy Science & Sanitation Workshop
February 11-13
NYS Cheese Manufacturers Association Annual Conference
March 3-4
Membrane Filtration, Evaporation, & Drying Techonolgy Workshop
March 5-7
Dairy Processing Plant Superintendent Update
March-April 2014 (7 locations in NYS)
Dairy Laboratory Seminars
March-April 2014 (5 locations in NYS)
High Temperature Short Time Pasteurizer Workshop
April 22-24