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Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                  November 1,  2013
First batch of Cornell 
Vanilla Ice Cream
Fresh Off The Press 
Welcome to the new face of the Cornell Dairy Foods Extension Program!  In an effort to better communicate with our constituents, we have formulated a newsletter, which will be released once every two months.  We are very excited to keep you all in the loop on everything occurring in the field of dairy foods at Cornell University.


First, we are all very happy to share that we have moved into the new Cornell Dairy Plant, which has thus far processed Cornell Orchards Apple Cider, Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream and our first batch of fluid milk.  The state of the art facility will showcase the dairy processing industry and eventually process 1.5 million pounds of raw milk into milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream.  Additionally, we will continue to support teaching, research and product development in our pilot plant to support the growing dairy processing industry.

As well, our Cornell Dairy Foods Certificate Program is in full swing and has been proven to be successful in training the future leaders of the New York dairy processing industry.  This week we held both our Vat Pasteurization workshop and a Cheese Making course.  Please see our calendar for upcoming workshops and we look forward to you joining us!


Dairy Research Update

Thermophilic Spores in Dairy Powders

By: Nicole Martin - Milk Quality Improvement Program


   As the global demand for high quality dairy powders continues to escalate, microbial specifications have become increasingly stringent in these products. In particular, mesophilic and thermophilic sporeforming bacteria are of particular concern for dairy powder processors because of their ability to enter the milk at various points in the processing continuum as well as the resistant nature of these organisms to processing hurdles such as pasteurization and drying.

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The Science of
 Cheesemaking Course
Extension Updates 

Cornell Dairy Foods Certificate Program 


The Cornell Dairy Foods Extension group has developed and implemented a Cornell Dairy Foods Certificate Program. This program provides training for dairy food industry professionals to better prepare them to produce safe, quality dairy products. Candidates can enroll in the program, attend the outlined courses and earn a Cornell Dairy Foods Certificate with a specialization in one of four areas.

The program includes short courses in Basic Dairy Science & Sanitation, Certified HACCP, and HTST or Vat Pasteurization. After completing those courses the enrollee can specialize in Fluid Milk Safety & Quality, the Science of Cheese Making, the Science of Yogurt & Fermented Products, or Membrane, Evaporation & Drying Technology.

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Expansion of Cornell/ Wegmans Partnership for Artisan Cheese Makers


       Cornell Dairy Foods Extension Program has teamed up with Wegmans Food Markets to help provide assistance to both large and small-scale cheese makers.  Through this program, Wegmans has provided $360,000 in funding for a three-year pilot project, which will support training opportunities, SOP development, consultation services, transportation services, promotional marketing materials, and environmental sampling to cheese makers in New York State.  Initial participants were selected by Wegmans and include, Keeley's Cheese Co., Danascara Artisan Cheese, Sprout Creak Farm, Goats & Gourmets, & Old Chatham Sheepherding Co.  Cheeses from these companies have thus far rolled out into seven Wegmans Food Markets.  The plan is to expand to more stores that support sales of these style cheeses. 

Additionally, Wegmans will select several more cheese makers in New York State to participate in this program, in what will be called Phase II.  On December 5, 2013, cheese makers from across the state will gather in Ithaca, NY and bring cheese for Wegmans to sample.  From this, Wegmans will select the cheese makers who will then enter into this program.  For more information on how to participate, please contact Rob Ralyea.

The Faces of Cornell Dairy Foods Extension
Kim Bukowski

We are fortunate enough to have Kim Bukowski join the Dairy Food Science Extension team after a long career in the dairy food industry. This includes dairy quality and processing, plant management, brand development, and building a facility to manufacture and sell ice cream. She also is a certified SQF auditor and has expertise in GFSI programs. She provides leadership for the Dairy Foods Certificate Program, including program oversight, marketing, and development. She also provides GFSI consulting and training to the industry.

Internship Opportunities
We are looking for summer 2014 internship opportunities in the dairy industry that we could advertise to BS, MS, MPS, & PhD students. If your company is interested in hosting an intern, please contact Louise Felker or Andrea Elmore.

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