June Psychic Fair Highlights
Post Fair Spirit Circle
June 21, 2014
Orange Courtyard Marriott
6:30-9:00 pm - $30 per person. Limited to 20 people. 
Messages From The Other Side with Me
 Call 203-470-1806 or email spiritcircles@ctpsychics.comundefined
James Luse
James Luse -Clairvoyant and Medium
James has been leading our Spirit Circles this year since the absence of Barbara DeLong. Incredibly gifted, James had studied under some of the best teachers around, including Althea DePascale who leads our Southington Spirit Circles.
In addition to receiving messages and information about loved ones who have passed, James often picks up Past Life information that he may add to the evening's messages.
Special Fair - Sat. June 7 - Gourmet Coffee and Yogurt at KUPZ
Hi Everyone - We return to one of the most exciting and delicious fairs of the year. Join us at KUPZ on 346 Hemingway Ave, East Haven, CT 06512. James, Mindy, Susan and Rachel will be our readers there.
Aura Photography and Special Appearance with Celtic Elder Rod Kelly 
Sun. June 8 - Southbury Crowne Plaza 
Aura Photo
See Your Before and After Aura Photos When You Have A Session With This Celtic Healer. You will be amazed!

Rod is a Celtic Spiritual Elder and has learned his skills though overcoming his own severe medical journey.

His spiritual understanding is a blend of teachings from teachers that were from both Northern Ontario, and the Upper Amazon in Ecuador, as well as my own Celtic ancestry.  It is Rod's total belief that we are the only ones that have either the right or knowledge to heal ourselves.  All he does is provide you with the tools that are necessary to uncover your own greatest healing potentials that reside deep within us all.

HeatherHeather will be Joining Us For Energy Balancing & Card Readings
She will be at Fairfield, Southbury and Norwalk.Please Join Us And Our Other Readers

Artist and Designer Nancy Moran Comes
To Southbury Sun. June 8

Psychic Fairs For June - 11- 6 pm
Sun. June 1 - Fairfield Inn - Alethea, Barbara S, Heather, Ivory, James, Pamela, Rachel, Susan
Sat. June 7 - East Haven - Kupz
Sat. June 8 - Southbury Crowne Plaza - Alethea, Barbara S, Heather,  James, Mindy, Patty, Rachel
Sat. June 21- Orange Courtyard Marriott - Barbara S, Ivory, James, Mindy, Pamela, Rachel, Susan
Sun. June 22 -  Norwalk American Legion - Alethea, Barbara S, Heather, Ivory, James, Mindy, Pamela, Rachel, Susan
Please Join Us And Our Other Readers. Go to our website newsletter for more other Dates, Locations and Reader information. www.ctpsychics.com
Robert Stempson
25 Lakeshore Dr, Marlboro, MA 02753
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"Physical Life goes on with or without us. We go on with or without physical life. The journey of the soul is eternal"  Robert Stempson