Happy Mother's Day!

With only a few days left to get your mom the perfect gift, we thought you might like some help courtesy of Downtown Surfside!


 Click on the official Visitor Guide to the right or grab a copy to get more information.


Ten ideas to treat your mother on May 10th (in no particular order)

  1. Get dressed up for a delicious dinner. (See Simply Delicious on Page 22)

  2. A big bouquet of flowers. (See Simply Shopping on Page 43)

  3. Sign a heart-felt card. (See Simply Shopping on Page 43)

  4. Select a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. (See Simply Shopping on Page 43)

  5. Make her fingers glitter with a new ring. (See Simply Shopping on Page 43)

  6. A collection for luxury lotions and products. (See Simply Shopping on Page 43)

  7. Treat her to a beauty make-over. (See Simply Beautiful on Page 13)

  8. Book her an oceanfront room. (See Simply Comfortable on Page 16)

  9. Get her favorite sweet treats. (See Simply Delicious on Page 22)

  10. Take her shopping. (See Simply Fashionable on Page 29) 


Click here to view a digital copy of the official Surfside Visitor Guide or you can pick up a copy in various locations around town. 

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