Surfside is steadily growing and blossoming into a go-to town that provides easy accessibility for shopping, dining or just spending the day at the beach.


The Surfisde Tourism Bureau along with Jacober Creative designed a marketing campaign that captures the safe family environment of this beachfront town where one can reconnect to all that really matters.  


And with that in mind, the campaign slogan "Simply Surfside" was born. These are some of the images that capture the essence of Surfside and how simply wonderful it is.







We want to thank Chef and owner of Josh's Deli, Josh Marcus for making that #SimplyDelicious sandwich photographed above.


Like many of our eateries on Harding Avenue, Josh's Deli is unique in its approach to food and presentation.

What makes Josh's so unique? Well, he makes almost everything he serves from scratch. He cures his own corned beef, smokes his own pastrami, pickles his own pickles, makes his own mustard, prepares his own whitefish salad and potato knishes. What he does with it after is delectable. Some of the yummy options are; chocolate chip pancakes with caramelized bananas; pork belly hash instead of corned beef hash; matzo ball soup made from duck fat, ginger ale and herbs - just to name a few.

9517 Harding Avenue 



The Town's Mayor understands how simply enchanting it is to be part of this beachside community.  


He's a Surfside resident who believes as a community there is much to be proud - and he's right!  I mean, we have diverse recreation programs, beautiful beaches and parks, a thriving downtown shopping district, caring residents, dedicated elected officials and town staff.  


How can a Mayor that commutes around town on his skateboard be #SimplyTheMayor?




Soaring palm trees adorn Harding Avenue as well as an array of unique and independently owned international restaurants.  Options vary from Greek, Spanish, Middle Eastern to Italian cuisine.  We also have a generous representation of Kosher eateries. The Kosher selection encompasses steak houses, bakeries, pizzerias, ice cream shops and if you need some to go items, we have a Kosher Supermarket too!

 Whatever you are in the mood for, we are sure you will be happy to #DineOnTheAve!


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