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October 22, 2015

The Vocational Program at Kiwimbi continues to thrive. Pictured below are students in the Fine Arts Program led by Master Artist Hosea. They are currently making cards that they will sell.


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Studying In Spite of a Strike!
Student studying under the mango tree at the Kiwimbi Community Centre

Public school teachers in Kenya were on strike for many weeks recently, disrupting classroom time and even causing some schools to shut down completely. The Kiwimbi Centre became a major place of refuge for thousands of students who could not attend their schools during the strike. The existence of the library and the study space enabled students to continue learning and preparing for the important national exam despite the strike.  

The grade 8 students continued to come to the library for tutoring without missing a beat. The staff reported that the library was filled to capacity in and around the complex.

The strike only affected poor children in public schools, but Kiwimbi was there to offer these children the opportunity to continue their learning uninterrupted.  
Students Studying at the Kiwimbi Library
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