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October 8, 2015

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Opportunity Through Education
Master Drummer Brother Jerome Hunter
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 Professor Olubayi Olubayi Telling a Story

On September 26th, Kiwimbi International hosted its first fundraising event, Kiwimbi Karamu, at the Essex Hunt Club in Peapack, NJ.  The event was a tremendous success, as it raised necessary funds to be used for the students and programs of Kiwimbi in Kenya. 

The evening featured entertainment by Master Drummer Brother Jerome Hunter, stories by Professor Olubayi Olubayi, Co-Founder of Kiwimbi International and Catherine Malalah, General Manager of Kiwimbi in Kenya, a moving video entitled Kiwimbi in Kenya - Opportunity Through Education, donation opportunities, tasty Kenyan food and dancing.

The attendees learned that Kiwimbi is not a school, but supports schools which are under resourced and over burdened. Our Grade 8 teaching program at three schools is instrumental in preparing 250 students for National Exams.  Our first year of work at Amagoro Primary School brought a 12% improvement in exam scores.  

Kiwimbi is not simply a library, but the first public library in the County of just under one million people. We lend to 53 schools and host over 400 people daily.  
Kiwimbi is about opportunity through education.  We are not just academic, but offer vocational training in agroforestry and training in the Arts in order to support self-sufficiency. 

Many, many thanks to all those who attended the event and who helped make it such a success!

Catherine Malalah from Kiwimbi Kenya 
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