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Kiwimbi Participates in Storymoja!

Kiwimbi students reading aloud during the Storymoja event
On June 15, 2015, Storymoja, an organization in Kenya whose mission is to promote reading for pleasure, hosted the Storymoja Read Aloud. The Read Aloud is just that: students from different schools in different counties read aloud at the same time from the same book. The event drew 229,043 children from 1,097 schools and 44 Kenyan counties and unofficially broke the world record currently held by the U.S.! See Story Moja.

This was the first year Kiwimbi schools participated in the Read Aloud. Twenty-seven Kiwimbi-affiliated schools participated and a total of 2,202 Kiwimbi students read aloud at the same time.

The exercise started at exactly 9:00 a.m. and lasted approximately 20 minutes. Students and teachers read aloud from the book "Attack of the Shidas."

Students in the primary and secondary schools were asked to write different endings to the story and children in the lower primary schools were asked to draw illustrations about how they imagined the ending would turn out.  

Read Aloud was a huge hit! Kiwimbi students look forward to participating with Storymoja again next year.

Reading aloud "Attack of the Shidas"
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