December, 2014

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We see a world where all people are empowered through education to enrich their lives and reach their fullest potential. 


To achieve our vision, we partner with underserved communities world wide to create educational opportunities through locally run learning centers.



Kiwimbi is in the process of establishing its initial such Learning Center in the small town of Amagoro, Kenya, where we have created the first public library in Busia County and are beginning other programs to bring our vision to life.


 Kiwimbi Global is comprised currently of two entities:  Kiwimbi International, a US organization registered as a charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; and Kiwimbi Kenya, a Community Based Organization established in the Teso North District in Kenya.  


Ultimately, our goal is to replicate best practices from Kiwimbi Kenya elsewhere, creating more organizations under the Kiwimbi Global umbrella.

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Holiday Sale
Our friends in Kenya are taking a major step this month! In August, the grass-weaving interns got proof of the value of the craft they were learning when they sold their first pieces.  Since then, they have been hard at work producing new placemats to sell locally during the holiday season. So this month, Kiwimbi Kenya is hosting its first Holiday Sale! 

This demonstrates the Kiwimbi model in action - we provide the educational resources through which students can develop a livelihood.  As they learn, the money earned will benefit them and Kiwimbi as well.  Kiwimbi believes in self sufficiency - so we help others to help themselves and we model the approach. 
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Sponsorship Opportunities
It's the season to give, and one of the ways you can give to Kiwimbi is through sponsorship opportunities.  These opportunities are listed on the Kiwimbi website (

What can $5,000 do?  $5,000 provides 25 e-readers to students which come preloaded with the complete Kenya Curriculum as well as other reading material to assist in their learning of English. 

Students learning proper care of E-readers so that they can use them at the Library

When the library becomes too full, staff might hold a class out in the courtyard. This presents a problem during rainy weather or when it's very hot.  What can $350 provide?  A courtyard tent!  

We tend to take Internet access in the US for granted.  In Kenya, it's much harder to come by.  $250 a month will cover the cost of Internet installation at the Library and access for one year.  

And what about lunch?  Kiwimbi's goal is to have students stay at school for lunch as opposed to having to walk, sometimes miles, to their homes where food may or may not be available. The lunch program gives students time to eat and study on campus.  $1,000 will cover the cost of lunch for 100 students for a month.  

There are many other sponsorship opportunities available as well.  Please visit the website to learn more!

New Website
Have you seen our newly revamped website at  There you can stay up to date about what is happening in Amagoro.  Photos,videos, recent news, and stories about how Kiwimbi is making a difference are all there.  Look for Salome's, Dorca's and other stories - these young people tell, in their own words, what life is like for them!
What is Razoo?  Razoo is a crowd funding website which allows you to donate and fundraise. Many different charities fundraise through Razoo.

When you visit the website, search for Kiwimbi!  Razoo is another way to support Kiwimbi International!  Or you can go directly to our page by clicking this link:


Bright Heart Yoga 
Supports Kiwimbi
Check out the Special Events page of Bright Heart Yoga to learn about a special benefit class for Kiwimbi.  

Where:   Bright Heart Yoga

              1225 Sussex Tpke

               Randolph, NJ  07869



Date:   Sunday, February 8, 2015 


Time:  9:15am-11:30am  


Cost:   Let's all offer what we can share 

100% of the proceeds of this event will go directly to Kiwimbi. 


All levels are welcome for this special event.




Kessiah is offering not only the benefit yoga class, but also an early viewing of the film about Kiwimbi created by local filmmaker Nick Patrick after his trip to Kenya last summer.


"Come see what life is like for our neighbors in Amagoro, Kenya.  You'll quickly recognize how joyful and resourceful this community is and paradoxically how very few resources are available in this area."




Kiwimbi International is a public charity under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  We welcome contributions, which are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.    

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