October, 2012
Kiwimbi Global
The Newsletter

We see a world where all people are empowered through education to enrich their lives and reach their fullest potential. 


To achieve our vision, our mission is to create regional community centers internationally.  


These centers will:


provide education, training and other learning opportunities; 


facilitate cooperation and coordination among other resource organizations; and 


provide access to innovation and technology.  


The combination of these efforts is intended to maximize self-sufficiency and self-actualization for individuals and communities to prosper.

Focus on . . .
Professor Olubayi Olubayi
Olubayi is a native of Kenya, where he was educated.  He did graduate work at Rutgers University where he was awarded a Ph.D. in microbiology.  He has taught at Middlesex College and at Rutgers University.  Professor Olubayi is a co-founder of the Global Literacy Project and of PAMLO (Pan-African Mentoring and Learning Organization), and is the author of Education for a Better World
. Olubayi with Sisal

Besides his work as Trustee and Executive Director of Kiwimbi, he serves as an advisor and consultant to government officials in Kenya and South Africa and to the United Nations Development Program on matters of literacy, education, biotechnology, sustainable development, global citizenship and social policy. 

Asante: (Swahili) 
Thank you

KCSE: Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, exams given upon the completion of secondary education as an entrance requirement for Kenyan universities.
Kiwimbi: (Swahili) A ripple of small wave.*
NGO: Nongovernmental Organization

*  Our logo is a drop of water, creating a kiwimbi (ripple) that spreads over the red Kenyan earth enabling vegetation to thrive.  Our educational hub, symbolized by that drop of water, will touch the people of Teso ~ creating a flourishing, self-sufficient and self-sustaining community that will spread opportunity and good will throughout the Amagoro region, Kenya and the globe.

News from Kenya
You may have heard that there was a teachers' strike in Kenya this fall.  We are pleased to report that the strike has ended and schools are now in session.
Kiwimbi Kenya

The Work Begins


We are thrilled to report that Kiwimbi Kenya was able to begin programs this summer on schedule. This was made possible through funding provided by supporters in both the USA and Kenya.


Equally important was the enthusiasm for our work evidenced by local leaders, other NGOs and a cadre of no fewer than 35 volunteers who have joined our efforts in just a few short months.  These include local teachers and retired teachers, students tutoring younger students, and others, all eager to make a difference.


Consistent with our mission, we are taking a multi-pronged approach to our efforts, some highlights of which are:

  • Joint Camps with Elewana: A joint study skills and exam preparation residential camp for 10 girls held by Kiwimbi and the Elewana NGO (www.elewana.org).

August Camp 2012  

  • Introduction of Kiwimbi to Community Elders and beyond (including a forum attended by the Kenyan Prime Minister)!
  • Preliminary steps in Agro-forestry, supporting and training farmers in the planting and cultivation of tree seedlings. Hundreds of new saplings are now growing in the area we serve.
  • Teaching at Kakemer High School, a rural school outside of Amagoro in desperate need of educated teachers.
  • Supplemental Learning for students in Grade 7: Our Grade 7 English language and basic math skills project began at Amagoro Primary School.

For our initial foray into English language and basic math skills, we divided the 131 students in Grade 7 into two groups, with one serving as a control group.  We shall monitor exam results for all of these students to measure the impact of our work over time.   

Seventh Grade Lottery
One hopeful student pulling a lottery ticket to find out if she will join the Kiwimbi Club as we call the after-school program, or will be part of the control group.  Members of the control group who do not join the club get a consolation prize!

Funding by the US Embassy


The United States Embassy in Nairobi was so impressed by the first camps run by Kiwimbi and Elewana that they have agreed to provide $6,000 for a series of six additional camps that will run from October through December.  As described in the appeal letter from Elewana to the Office of Cultural Affairs,


"These camps are meant to address shortcomings in both academic performance and leadership development in rural Western Kenya.  Specifically, the camps target improvement in English language skills by developing a culture of reading and by coaching students in writing their own 'story'.  Additional instruction is offered in KCSE exam instruction, math skills, use of IT for the purposes of studying Math and Science, and student leadership in the context of community organizing and development.  By focusing on these skills, the Elewana Camps improve local KCSE results such that more students qualify for university and are ultimately prepared to give back to their communities professionally and developmentally.  We are essentially fostering the community's next generation of advocates for literacy, education, and community organizing."



Kiwimbi International (USA)


Tax Status


Kiwimbi International's forty-page application for 501(c)(3) status was submitted to the Internal Revenue Service in July. We are thrilled to report that we already have our approval; Kiwimbi International is fully recognized as a charity under the US Tax Code.  That means that contributions made to Kiwimbi International are fully deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Behind the Scenes
Besides the charitable status application, our trustees have been busy with a number of other projects, including:

  • Hosting friends at an informal gathering at the home of trustee Jane Steele and her gracious family.  We used this opportunity to introduce our organization and seek input on our mission.

  • Drafting an initial series of concrete objectives and metrics to serve as tools for monitoring our progress.

  • Writing the first of our Board Policies to guide our organization.

  • Beginning preliminary work on branding, with an eye to this newsletter as well as the development of a website and registering our trademark.  This supports the work underway in Kenya where our brand will help spread the word of the resources we are making available.

  • Monitoring the heavy lifting being done in Kenya by employees and volunteers!


Kiwimbi International is a public charity under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  We welcome contributions, which are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.  For more information about Kiwimbi or details about how to contribute, please contact us at KiwimbiInt@gmail.com.