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Board of Directors
Mr. Steven C. Dodge, Chair
Mr. Daniel K. Webster, Esq., Vice Chair
Mr. Andrew Wandell, Treasurer
Capt. William F. Malloy Jr USN (Ret.), Secretary
Rev. John Carson
Mr. Charles Itz
Mr. Walker Martin
Capt. Angel Montanez
Mr. Tom Reinfuss
Capt. Jim Staples

Executive Director
Ms. Meredith Connell

Mr. Robert Bacon
Mr. Tim Owen 
Mr. Tom Reinfuss
Mr. Lance Williams, Sr

Operations Manager
Mrs. Crissy Jache


Save the Date
End of Summer Celebration
September 17th @ 6pm

You are invited to join us at Seafarer's Friend End of Summer Celebration to be held at the Orient Heights Yacht Club in East Boston.

We are honored to have Captain Claudia Gelzer from the USCG as our Guest Speaker.

We will be also be recognizing Ret. Captain Arnold Itz, for his long-standing service on behalf of Seafarer's Friend and his work in the New England Maritime Community.

This special evening will feature a choice of a Lobster or Steak dinner, Live Entertainment and a Silent Auction filled with specialty items from around New England.

A donation of $50 per person will reserve your place and support the vital mission of Seafarer's Friend. 

We hope to see you there!

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We make it easy to support the mission of Seafarer's Friend. Without ongoing financial support from churches, individuals and businesses we would not be able to meet the needs of today's seafarers. You can feel confident that you can safely and securely  Donate Online through PayPal or you can mail a donation to our office in Chelsea.

We also accept old vehicle donations through Donation Angel. The money received goes directly to fulfilling our mission.

Please consider a donation today.

July 2015 
A Word from our Director - Meredith Connell

Greetings Friends!  

As I sit behind my desk writing this brief note, I find myself smiling.  One never knows what to expect from day to day at Seafarer's Friend.  One day several ships may arrive in port and then we may not see any ships for several days to come.  On occasion someone might stop by our office with a donation of warm clothing or toiletries.  One morning I arrived and found several stacks of magazines outside our door.  On random occasions we may have a few seafarers visit.  Such is life-we need to learn to expect-dare I say even embrace? the unexpected.  In spite of  all the uncertainty, one thing we can be sure of: God is faithful.

I don't think there is any other mailman in the city of Chelsea that is greeted so enthusiastically, than our postman Phil.  Crissy and I anxiously await his arrival every day in anticipation of what the mail may hold.  This week it was bibles.  Last week it was legal documentation notifying the Society has been named the beneficiary of a very large trust.  A few days later, another very large donation check from a local church.  You can only imagine our excitement!  God continues to bless and provide  

(Matthew 7:7  Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.) 

It is only through your continued support that we are able to carry out our mission.  

Thank you for being a Seafarer's Friend.



Stay Connected
There are several ways for you to stay up to date with all that is happening at Seafarer's Friend. You can "Like" Us on Facebook at Seafarer's Friend, Follow Us on Twitter @Seafarersfriend or visit our website at  There is always plenty to read and become involved with!

We are interested in connecting with you as well!  Our Chaplains always welcome guests to join them on ship visits.  It is a joy to the Seafarers who experience long periods of isolation from the outside world while away at sea.  You will be blessed by this unique opportunity of fellowship and serving others.

Our Chaplains and Executive Director are also available to speak at your church or organization.  We'd love to share how God is blessing our mission of serving the New England Maritime Community through our faithful friends and supporters.

Don't hesitate - get involved today!  Still have questions? - call us and we will help you learn more. Our Operations Manager is here for you - 617.889.3222.

Sea Stories - Notes from Ship Visits

Our chaplains make notes of every ship visit. Here is a glimpse of what they encounter while visiting a crew. It is heart warming and reminds us of the critical work God has entrusted us with to help these Seafarers connect back home with their loved ones and to have the opportunity to receive His word. After reading these Sea Stories pause for a moment and pray for those mentioned - God knows their every need. 

June 16, 2015 - Boston
22 Crew on board - all Filipino; only a few with visas. Wonderful, intimate, adorable visit with this crew. Gave out Bibles, Our Daily Bread devotionals, crosses, rosaries, everything I had to give. Warm, intimate, beautiful conversation. Sold all my T-Mobile refill cards. Lots of prayer and conversation and connection. I hope they come back!!!

June 19, 2015 - Portland
This ship comes into Portland on a weekly basis. I was able to connect with the pump-man they call Tooty; he just came aboard. Through a nice conversation he shared he had forgotten his Bible when he left the Philippines. I will make sure I get him a Bible when his ship comes back into Portland next week. What a privilege to help this man out with such an important issue.

June 25 - Portsmouth
This all Indonesian crew was very thankful I came on board. I got there shortly after the ship arrived; the Coast Guard and Customs were still on the ship. The Chief Officer asked if I could wait for 2 hours until they were available. In those two hours I connected with about 5 crewman so the time was not wasted. For the next 3 hours I continued to help the crew set up their phones with SIM cards. When I was leaving and out on the dock headed to the van they called for me to come back on board because the captain had not gotten a SIM card and I was there another 45 minutes because more of the crew came. I had discovered during my visit that these men had been at sea for 45 days and were eager to communicate with their families. They were extremely happy that I spent so much time with them.

Ship Visit Statistics for the Month of June

JUNE 2015

20 out of 24 
ships visited
1 out of 2
ships visited
11 out of 11
ships visited
Seafarers reached
Seafarers reached
Seafarers reached
Van Trip provided
Van Trips provided
van Trips provided


~Ship Visitors~


We are currently seeking Volunteer ship visitors to help us carry out our mission to extend the ministry of the churches to meet the unmet spiritual, social, and practical needs of seafarers from around the globe.  We visit roughly 525 ships each year, climbing the gangways bringing everything necessary to make their phones and laptops work so that they can communicate with their loved ones back home, and we bring such things as Bibles, devotionals, reading materials, and personal care items to the crew on board. We also have vans that transport the seafarers locally to shopping malls.  We listen to their stories and try to offer a caring and respectful ear to those who have so little contact with anyone other than their shipmates.



  • Must be a good listener and able to respect other cultures.
  • Must be reliable, professional, and available for ship visits from one to two hours in length.
  • Must have a good driving record and be willing to drive vans around the Port.
  • Must be both willing to follow rules (security procedures, Seafarers' Center paperwork) and open to surprises (such as ship schedules changing, or a seafarer suddenly confiding about a sad situation).
  • Must be able to keep seafarers' confidences confidential.
  • Must be in good enough health to climb stairs and ladders.
  • Must interview with the Director, train with Port Chaplains, and pass a simple background check (at no charge to the volunteer).

Rewards of Volunteering:

  • Representing God's unconditional love to seafarers of many faith traditions (or none), many cultures, all ranks. Much of our work doesn't involve talking about God, but we do try to leave seafarers feeling valued.
  • Experiencing the hospitality and trust of people from all around the world.
  • Encountering challenges creatively.
  • Getting to know other volunteers, some of the most dedicated people you'll ever meet.
  • Making an impact on the Port community; an exciting part of the global economy not familiar to many.
  • Giving something back to the invisible servants of our economy.


If interested, please contact: Crissy Jache, Operations Manager at 617.889.3222 or by email.

Seafarer's Friend Wish List

Our Wish List at Seafarer's Friend is another opportunity to connect with us. Our resources are limited and we put all we can into providing for the Seafarers. Some of our current needs are:

- IT support to clean up our data base and help our systems run more efficiently.

-New Computer

- Marketing Design support to refresh our brochures to look more professional for outreach and fundraising purposes.

- Web Site Design to provide an inviting and resourceful website.

The material needs for the Seafarers remain and any support you can provide is always appreciated:

- New Bibles (Tagalog Bibles are in high demand)
- Personal Care Items
- Warm clothing for the cooler months
- Hats, Gloves
- Books, magazines and other leisure items such as playing cards, word searches, etc.

Thank you for considering a donation to support the needs of Seafarer's Friend. All gifts are appreciated.

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