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Special Thanks to 
Peter Cross  for joining us on a ship visit and taking such amazing photographs.
(click on Peter's name to be taken to his website)

The Captain and crew of Q Jake for providing such a rich experience on board your vessel.

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May 27, 2015 
A Word from our Director - Meredith Connell

Greetings friends!

At the end of April myself, Boston Port Chaplains Rob Bacon, Lance Williams, Operations Manager Crissy Jache along with guest photographer Peter Cross (, ventured on board the Q Jake, a Greek flag vessel transporting salt from Mexico at Eastern Minerals in Chelsea, MA.

Our purpose was simple: to continue to fulfill our mission of extending the ministry of the churches to meet the unmet spiritual, emotional, social and physical needs of the New England Maritime Community. Our hope was to possibly capture some professional photographs of those we serve in an effort to give you, our supporters, a glimpse of those who have made seafaring their livelihood.

I'd like to share "A Seafarer Parable" from my friend and colleague, Ken Hawkins, Executive Director of The Mission to Seafarers in Seattle, WA. I have modified this ever so slightly......

Matthew 25: 33-40

Why do we do this work: The theme of this conversation centers on Scripture and living the work. Jesus constructed a parable just for us:


34: "Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, 'Come, you blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world."


35: 'For I was hungry and tired of the ship's food provided at $4 day, and you fed me; I was thirsty, and you brought me a soda and sat with me while I showed you pictures of my wife and children; I was a stranger, from one of 92 countries and a score of Faiths or no Faith at all, and you welcomed me like a brother;


36: I was Naked, and you gave me warm clothing, a stocking cap and a ditty bag and when I asked how much I owed you said, "Go in Peace and travel safely my friend"; I was sick and lonely and my spirit was broken and you visited me and shared a quiet prayer;

I was unable to leave the ship and therefore a prisoner and you came as my friend and sat with me and brought WIFI and phone cards so I could contact my family


37: "Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when were you in such difficulty...when did we do these things for You?"


40: "And the King shall answer and say to them, "Truly I say to you, to the extent you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me."


A special thank you to Capt. Orcullo and Chief Officer Navarra and the crew.









A Visit on the Q Jake

A typical ship visit is one chaplain and sometimes a volunteer; they board a ship and are greeted by the watchman and welcomed to sit in one of the rooms such as the mess deck or crew's lounge where the men will come and purchase SIM and phone cards and talk to see if there are any other needs. This was not a typical visit.

The five us were greeted by a couple of crewman and were welcomed into the lounge where some of the seafarers were relaxing. Our chaplains requested to speak with the Captain and asked for his permission to take some photos of the crew and ship; he was happy to oblige. The chaplains then went about their regular business and explained what they had available for phone cards and modems while the rest of us began talking with the crew. Soon after we arrived, Sherwin (one of the crew) brought out hot coffee and some water, making us all feel very welcome. We learned that the entire crew of 21 was from the Philippines, and that 4 of them were without visas. Not having a visa means they must remain on board while the ship is in port. One of the detained crew members was taking photos of Boston through the window; that's the closest he was going to get to the city. One of the other men shared that he was 1 month from completing his 12 month contract.  Needless to say, he was excited to be going home soon!

While we were all talking, Peter Cross began shooting some candid photos of the seafarers. The crew was very receptive and offered to show us more of their ship. What an honor to be invited to go beyond their lounge. We visited the bridge where the instruments and steering wheel are. From the bridge we could look out onto the cargo holds where all the salt was stored. It was amazing to watch as the cranes were unloading the tons of salt they brought from Mexico. 
From there we went down, down, down and further down into the engine room. Luckily the engines were idle and the room was not as stifling hot as it would be if they were out to sea and the noise level was tolerable. The equipment was impressive and sparkling clean. We were able to see the electrical room and all the bells and whistles. As mentioned before this is not a typical visit. This was a special occasion. The connection we felt with this crew was so touching and they were so open to sharing their home away from home with us.

As we prepared to leave we took a few more pictures and thanked them for their time and hospitality. We will surely keep this special crew in our hearts and prayers.

Thank you Q Jake for making our day so memorable. God bless you and safe travels!

April visits have been fruitful

April 2015 Ship Statistics



30 out of 33

ships visited

8 out of 8

ships visited

2 out of 2
ships visited

91%  in port visited

100% in port  visited

100%  in port 



Seafarer's Reached


Seafarer's Reached


Seafarer's Reached

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0 Van Trips Provided

Volunteer ship visitors are always welcome to join us. Please email us if you are interested in coming along on a visit. 

Seafarer's Friend Wish List
We thank each and every one of our friends who continually provide us with ditty bag supplies and monetary donations to continue this great work. Our current needs are:
  • New Computers (specifically laptops)
  • IT Support
  • Personal Care Items for Ditty Bags
  • New Bibles, especially Tagalog Bibles
  • Devotionals (Daily Bread)
  • Reading materials-National Geographic, etc.
  • Men's jackets, hats, gloves, etc.
Sea Stories - Notes from Ship Visits
Our chaplains make notes of every ship visit. Here is a glimpse of what they encounter while visiting a crew. It is heart warming and reminds us of the critical work God has entrusted us with to help these Seafarers connect back home with their loved ones and to have the opportunity to receive His word. After reading these Sea Stories pause for a moment and pray for those mentioned - God knows their every need. 

April 13, 2015 - Boston

22 Crew- 5 Greek, 17 Filipino. All Filipinos are detained on board, only the Greek officers have visas. Many of the crew wanted T-Mobile/SIM cards. Even though I passed out the instructions for loading Data Passes, their English didn't seem to work in most cases, so I assisted with the loading. I told them I would bring them plenty of toiletries, etc., tomorrow, and would also have the modem (which were on another ship). They were very happy to have the puzzle and the English and Tagalog Bibles. Also, they took all 12 rosaries, and I'll bring more of them tomorrow also. 4/14/15 Brought plenty of toiletries on board which were very gratefully received. Had a great piece of Birthday cake and coffee, but nobody knew whose birthday it was.

April 21, 2015 - Portland

Container ship. Half Ukranian, Half Russian Crew. Had a quick conversation about War in the Ukraine with a Man named Sargay. Told him I pray for his families safety. He seemed like he was about to cry when I said this. Also talked to Max also from the Ukraine. Talked about his Family and his month old daughter. He was studying to be a capt. Left a bag of Bibles, cookies and toiletries on board. Very good visit. Most crew did not have visa and could not leave ship. 

April 24, 2015 - Portland
Met a crewman who's name is Paul and his wife is pregnant with their first child. His wife's name is Victoria. He bought a SIM card and some calling cards to connect with his wife. As we talked it was so refreshing to see the excitement in his eyes as he spoke about how he will be able to be home when his baby is born. I then had a chance to pray for Him and his wife. Great visit!
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