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April 22, 2015 
A Word from our Director - Meredith Connell

Dear Friends,

Spring is here! I have witnessed the first sign of Daffodils beginning to bloom in my yard and I'm excited about the season of re-birth and renewal we are now in!

We are sad to announce the departure of Meredith Ellis, who served diligently in an administrative support role in our Chelsea office over the last several months due to her relocation out of state. We would like to thank her for her hard work and wish her the very best in her future endeavors!

We are pleased to welcome Crissy Jache onboard our team as Operations Manager. Crissy brings with her an extensive background working for non-profit organizations such as the YMCA and Salvation Army. Crissy has already had the pleasure of meeting some of our faithful contributors personally as they have delivered Ditty bag and other donations to our office, as well as speaking with many of you on the telephone.

We anticipate a busy spring with ship visits and planning our annual fundraising event.  

Stay tuned for more exciting news....



A Reflection-(after) Easter Living
A message from Reverend Rob Bacon, Port Chaplain-Boston

In this season after Easter we read in the Scriptures about the disciples, and the community that had grown up around Jesus, trying to figure out how to go on without him.  How were they to carry on his message and ministry?  How were they to be true to all that Jesus had said and done?  We read in the Acts of the Apostles that
"the community of believers was of one heart and mind, and no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they held everything in common.  With great power the apostles bore witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great favor was accorded to them all.  There was no needy person among them because all things were distributed to each according to their need."  (Acts 4:32-35)


In our own ministry here at Seafarer's Friend I see how far we have to go before we come anywhere close to achieving our Lord's vision for how we are to live if we want to be true to God's hope for us.  I think of how studies have shown that seafarers - who bring us everything we need in order to live, work, and play - have less rest, recreation, resources, and time with friends and family than do convicted criminals in prison.  Ninety to ninety-five percent of everything we use on any given day comes to us on ships from around the world, staffed by highly professional seafarers from every corner of the globe, away from their families for eight to ten months at a time on average.  While ship owners and company magnates continue to get extremely wealthy from this industry, the expert mariners who run their ships live in near poverty.  Some seafarers - through no fault of their own - are detained onboard, and are not permitted to leave their ships when they are in port; and so they are virtual prisoners while at work for almost a year at a time.  One could argue that our nation's economy is still based upon slave labor.


And yet there are so many good souls who give of their time, talent, and treasure to serve the seafarers.  People visit them onboard ships, and bring gifts, and provide SIM cards and calling cards so that the seafarers can communicate with their loved ones back home.  People make ditty bags, and they knit wool watch caps, and they bake cookies, and donate books, and magazines, and puzzles, and warm clothing.  We leave Bibles (in all languages, according to the nationalities of the crew) and a variety of devotionals and religious goods.  There are many kind and generous people who see to it that the seafarers will know that they are not forgotten or taken for granted.  Many work tirelessly to bring the Church to the seafarers onboard their ships.  It is a beautiful thing to behold.


And yet we have so far to go.   Our Risen Lord wants us to be of one mind and one spirit, unified in our actions, working to take care of the whole human family, and not just leaving others to struggle and survive on their own.  Ours is a bridge ministry, one that connects the realities of our man-made structures with the hopes and dreams of the God who created us and who gives us life and breath day-by-day.  Would you like to come out and experience this for yourself?  Would you like to come join us?  Together, let's figure out how we - like the disciples in the Early Church - can carry on the life and work of Jesus, so that we will all live as one human family on this fragile earth our island home - all for the greater glory of God.


Please contact our office for more information on how to become involved.


"The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few." (Matthew 9:37)


2015 Ship Statistics: January - March

Our chaplains and volunteers have had a busy start to the year.

2015 Ship Statistics January - March






26 Ships Visited

31 Ships Visited

36 Ships Visited

187 Seafarer's Reached

257 Seafarer's Reached

283 Seafarer's Reached

3 Van Trips Provided

6 Van Trips Provided

1 Van Trip Provided






13 Ships Visited

10 Ships Visited

11 Ships Visited

138 Seafarer's Reached

86 Seafarer's Reached

94 Seafarer's Reached

2 Van Trips Provided

0 Van Trips Provided

0 Van Trips Provided






6 Ships Visited

9 Ships Visited

4 Ships Visited

65 Seafarer's Reached

30 Seafarer's Reached

37 Seafarer's Reached

1 Van Trip Provided

2 Van Trips Provided

0 Van Trips Provided

Volunteer ship visitors are always welcome to join us. Please email us if you are interested in coming along on a visit. 

Seafarer's Friend Wish List
We thank each and every one of our friends who continually provide us with ditty bag supplies and monetary donations to continue this great work. Our current needs are:
  • New Computers (specifically laptops)
  • IT Support
  • Personal Care Items for Ditty Bags
  • New Bibles, especially Tagalog Bibles
  • Devotionals (Daily Bread)
  • Reading materials-National Geographic, etc.)
  • Men's jackets, hats, gloves, etc.
Sea Stories - Notes from Ship Visits
Our chaplains make notes of every ship visit. Here is a glimpse of what they encounter while visiting a crew. It is heart warming and reminds us of the critical work God has entrusted us with to help these Seafarers connect back home with their loved ones and to have the opportunity to receive His word. After reading these Sea Stories pause for a moment and pray for those mentioned - God knows their every need. 

February 21st:

22 Crew- all Filipino. Left reading materials including Tagalog Bible, 10 crocheted crosses, 24 watch caps. Great visit with captain. He has 2 sons and 1 daughter ranging in age from 5-12. He works 6 months on / 6 months off. He said port of Istanbul is frozen so they have to go into the Black Sea to another port. They are very happy with the modems furnished by Hristo's brother Rolan. Ron seemed to be in a happy mood. Ship was being loaded by conveyor so was VERY dusty. The captain gave me a mask for the way back. 2/23- LBW- Bob and I went on board with promised puzzle I promised, which they were very grateful for. It's wonderful to see such joy even in such little effort. The captain was again very gracious and invited us into the officers' mess for lunch. We ended up taking 9 crewmen to Galleria.
March 13th:
Crew make-up (12 Filipino crew, 2 Scottish cadets, 10 Russian / Latvian officers). I was onboard from 10:00 - 11:00 (their time) for their coffee break. Renate, the new Chief Cook, just arrived onboard yesterday. We chatted wile he prepared lunch. I gave him a Tagalog Bible and ODB, and a NT with Psalms, and a blessed cross. Also spoke with Ricardo (bosun) and about his 7 year-old son Yani who he misses very much. He's only one month into a 9 month contract. He misses his family. I helped him activate a new data plan and load more $$ into his SIM. Also spoke with both Scottish cadets (briefly) as they grabbed a cup of coffee from the galley. One is going home in one week, and the other (Yvonne) still has three weeks. They're both very excited about going home.
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