The Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laboratory Conservation Lecture Series
What can the Frozen South reveal about warming? 
by Dr. Heidi Geisz 
"Countries condemned to everlasting rigidity by Nature, never to yield to the warmth of the sun... such are the countries we have discovered; what then may those resemble which lie still further to the south? ... I make bold to declare that the world will derive no benefit from it." - Captain James Cook
"Great God! This is an awful place." - R.F. Scott
Antarctica is the last terrestrial frontier. The earth naturally fluctuates through periods of warming and cooling, but we are currently experiencing changes on time scales that are unrepresented in geological history. Through understanding the global connectivity of ocean systems coupled with information gained by examining ancient Antarctic ice, we continue to refine our picture of how recent human activities have and continue to influence our climate.
May 12th, 2016
at 7 pm

FSUCML Auditorium

Reception follows the presentation

Dr. Heidi Geisz (FSUCML adjunct faculty) gravitated to the coast from Colorado 20 years ago. Although most of her experience is in the Antarctic marine ecosystem, studying at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science allowed her to explore the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean coasts. Following a fellowship in the House Natural Resources Committee, her most recent interests include marine science policy and education. 

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