The Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laboratory Conservation Lecture Series
Secrets of the Longleaf Pine, video and Q&A 
Q&A with Dr. Walter Tschinkel and Chris Matechik

Secrets of the Longleaf Pine, a documentary produced by Red Sky Productions (Atlanta, Georgie), focuses on Longleaf Pine forests that once dominated the coastal plain in the southeastern United States. These "fragmented oases of biodiversity" are home to many unique animals, including Gopher Tortoises, Eastern Indigo Snakes, and Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers. After showing the film, Dr. Tschinkel, who appears in the documentary, will answer questions and discuss his work on investigating ant colony dynamics. Chris Matechik will then give a brief overview of the current longleaf pine restoration efforts on the FSUCML's North 70 Tract.
February 11th, 2016
at 7 pm

FSUCML Auditorium

Reception follows the presentation

Free and open to the public

Dr. Walter Tschinkel (FSU, Dept. of Biological Science) has been prying into the lives and secrets of ants for over 40 years. He has revealed much about division of labor and regulation within colonies, competition between colonies, colony life cycles, and the ecological niches of an species. 
Chris Matechik (FSUCML Marine Research Assistant) started his scientific career as a student in the FSUCML Marine Certificate Program in 2009. He earned a master's degree in fisheries from Auburn University while developing a monitoring protocol for an endemic Alabama spring species, surveyed historic salmon streams in the Pacific Northwest, restored populations of endemic Colorado River fishes and volunteered on various terrestrial projects.  

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