The Florida State University Coastal & Marine Lab Conservation Lecture Series
Endemic birds and biodiversity of Cuba
A Presentation by Artist
Nils Navarro
Nils Navarro, one of Cuba's foremost wildlife artists, will lead us on a virtual tour of Cuban natural history, highlighting the current status, trends, and immediate threats to Cuban wildlife against the cultural backdrop of this Island Nation. He combines contemporary scientific information and empirical data with his stunning photography to showcase the more conspicuous taxonomic groups of the Cuban fauna. In his coverage of Cuban biodiversity, Mr. Navarro will explain some of the unique biogeographic and evolutionary processes that interact to make Cuban wildlife so exceptional. 

October 8th, 2015 at 7 pm

FSUCML Auditorium

Reception follows the presentation

Nils Navarro graduated from the Academy of Fine Art, Havana, Cuba and became the curator of the vertebrate collection at the Carlos de la Torre Natural History Museum Holguin, Cuba. Mr. Navarro is the author and illustrator of the "Field Guide to the Endemic Birds of Cuba." As a taxonomist, Mr. Navarro has described several new species of lizards and frogs in Cuba. As an artist, he combines his knowledge of nature and art to create pieces that emerge from his experiences.