What: FSUCML Conservation Lecture 
When: October 9, 
2014 - 7pm 
Where: FSUCML Auditorium


Scientists are often surprised to find that the general public doesn't believe them!  We (meaning us stuffy scientists) are pretty self confident that our fancy logic and application of scientific method makes us right and that the public should accept what we say.  


This is especially true for many current and important issues such as climate change, endangered species, human population growth, and evolution, for which a surprisingly large percent of the public do not believe or perhaps understand what science is saying. 


I will give a light-hearted introduction to some past and current issues that have been well supported by science, yet are more controversial with the general public.  For some, the science ended up being wrong or misinterpreted, while for others the science has proven to be clearly correct.  


Then, I'd like to lead a discussion asking, "When should you believe science?" 


Speaker Bio


Dr. Tom Miller is a professor in Biological Science at Florida State University.  He is a community ecologist, which means that he is trying to "explain why there are so many species out there."  Much of his work tests models of coexistence and biodiversity using the small aquatic systems found in the leaves of carnivorous plants.  But, another major part of his work is on barrier islands, studying the reciprocal effects between the vegetation and dune geomorphology.

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