What:   FSUCML Conservation Lecture 
When:  July 10, 2014 7pm 
Where: FSUCML Auditorium

Perhaps North Florida's first "seaside resort", St. Teresa has been enjoyed by generations of North Florida and South Georgia families. Much of its early history has been lost or is available only through family records, some dating back six generations. Ed's presentation utilizes maps, letters, newspaper articles, photographs, local histories, deeds and other legal documents to trace the origin and development of this special community. Beginning with the early Spanish explorations, this review progresses to the establishment of the "resort" community in 1873, to the present day. Primary attention is given to the period from the founding of the community in 1873 to the beginning of its modern history in the late 1940's. Ed will describe the lengthy travel of early St. Teresa families by train, boat, and wagon, bringing cows for fresh milk and chickens for fresh eggs for their summers at the coast. He will also discuss the role of storms in the history of St. Teresa and Franklin County, the bygone St. Teresa Hotel, and the entertaining commentary in the contemporary newspapers. 
Speaker Bio

Ed Moore, a Tallahassee native, graduated from Leon High School in 1958, FSU in 1961 and from the University of Florida Law School in 1964. Practicing law and engaging in business in Tallahassee for more than 50 years, Ed is now retired. He and his family spend much of their time at St. Teresa. Ed's first summer at St. Teresa was 1941 and he has enjoyed each since except for a couple of war years. Ed's extended family dates back to the founding of St. Teresa.


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