What:: FSUCML's Conservation Lecture Series

When: Thursday, May 8, 2014  from 7 to 9 p.m. 

Where: FSUCML Auditorium

The Apalachicola Bay is part of the ACF water-shed, considered one of the more biologically diverse regions in all of North America. The bay represents the endpoint of the Apalachicola river that wends its way through exceptional terrain, from south Georgia to the northwest coast of Florida.  
This tremendously productive system is protected in part by the work of the Apalachicola Riverkeeper, a non-profit organization  founded in 1998 that serves as both steward and voice for the river.    


Come learn about the Apalachicola Riverkeeper perspective on the ecology of the river and bay--how it works and what controls its enormous productivity and biodiversity. Add to that a discourse on the status of the oyster fishery, why it crashed,what restoration efforts are underway, as well as an update on negotiations and lawsuits related to fresh water flow from Georgia, and the role of the Riverkeeper.



Bio: Dan Tonsmeire, who joined the Apalachicola Riverkeeper in 2004, has worked tirelessly to focus public & political attention on the importance of saving this last-of-its kind natural resource. Dan previously served as principal coordinator of the Apalachicola River and Bay Water Improvement and Management Program for the Northwest Florida Water Management District.
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