Conservation Lecture Series

Thursday, January 9, 2014 -- 7 p.m. 

 FSUCML Auditorium


Our region is home to over 100 species of ants, each with its own stories to tell, and each exploiting an ecological opportunity.  The natural history and life cycle of a handful of these stories will illustrate the breadth and wonder of the way that these north Florida ants go about their lives. 





Bio: Dr. Walter Tschinkel 
R.O. Lawton Professor 
Florida State University
Department of Biological Science 
 Dr. Walter R. Tschinkel
Walter R. Tschinkel (aka AntMan) has been prying into the lives and secrets of ants for over 40 years, and has revealed much about division of labor and regulation within colonies, competition between colonies, colony life cycles, colony reproduction and the ecological niches of ant species. 
He is a world expert on the exotic fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, and published a well-received book, The Fire Ants (Harvard/Belknap Press, 2006). 
His recent research has focused on the subterranean nest architecture of ants.  His metal casts of ant nests are on display in museums as far flung as Paris and Hong Kong.

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Help Solve the Hunger Crisis

Bring non-perishable food to the lecture that we can pass on to the Second Harvest of the Big Bend to help the people in our community.

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