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Volume 8, Number 3 

Published 10/17/12


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Clients often ask for formatting tricks that save time.  The two that come to mind are the format painter and applying well designed layouts.

Making the most of the format painter  
(PowerPoint, Excel and Word)


The Format Painter button tool saves us a great deal of time. It copies the formatting from your formatted text and pastes it onto the next block of text that you select.

This means you don't have to format a new area - including font, borders, number formats, etc. - from scratch. What most people don't know is that if you double-click on the Format Painter button you can re-use the same formatting so that every range that you select gets the new formatting. You'll see that the paintbrush cursor sticks around even after you apply the formatting the first time and until you click the Format Painter button again to deactivate it. This works in most Microsoft Office Applications.


Leverage the Slide Master's layout
whenever possible

PowerPoint 2007 and beyond have a tool called Layout.  Depending on how your presentation
was created it should have slide masters
available to you.


If the slide was built using the PowerPoint wireframe then applying a new layout will save you a good deal of time. Through this tool you can view and apply the slide masters on your slide. If you don't like the result all you have to do is use the undo tool. In this manner you can see if using the slide master will speed up the formatting process for you. To try this out; open a file and choose a slide you would like to format. Click on the layout tool and you will see a dropdown box of thumbnail layouts (slide masters) that are available to you. Apply the one you like and see if it helps you speed up the formatting process. If you have a well-designed side master then all your formatting for that slide can be corrected in a click.


Need help formatting your presentations, or creating functional slide masters? We can help!


We do it all the time; from giving presentations a simple light formatting to keep everything consistent, to giving them a breath of fresh air by applying a new and clean formatting style. 

We also excel in creating beautiful, functional, and audience oriented slide masters that will help you concentrate on what really matters; your content and delivery! Give us a call or send us an email to see how we can help.  

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