June 2013

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Orientation Leaders
welcomeWhat Happens at Orientation?


College is an exciting and challenging time for students and their families, so we have prepared a comprehensive orientation program focused on creating a smooth transition to life at New College of Florida. We want you to be successful; therefore, all new students are required to attend orientation.

Wizard of Oz New Student Orientation (8/17-8/25):
Week-long program connects new students with campus resources, academic info sessions, mini-classes & faculty advisors; learn to negotiate contracts (register for classes), attend a variety of social events and journey into our theme, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


Parent & Guardian Orientation (8/18): 1-day program offers a variety of sessions with key staff and faculty to address family questions about campus life and academic success.

For more details about Orientation, please visit ncf.edu/orientation

orientation leaders
checklistChecklist of Things to Do


Here's a handy list of all the things you should start doing this month to stay on track. Tasks to be completed are listed in blue. We've provided links to make it easy for you to fill out forms and contact the right people in case you have questions.

Watch for our next newsletter in July. In the meantime, if you have questions just email studentaffairs@ncf.edu or call 941-487-4250. 



Register Now


New Student Orientation fee: $145 per student

Parent & Guardian Orientation fee: $10 per person 



Immunization forms must be submitted in order to register for classes. Sometimes it takes a while to get those shot records (or actually visit the doctor/clinic to get a booster). Get started early! You can also ask your high school for a copy of your immunization records. 
Questions? Call Student Health Services at 941-487-4254.



Complete Housing Forms and Roommate Forms


We need your housing and roommate preferences to complete your room assignments. If you haven't sent them in, make sure to do so soon.Pei dorms


Mail to:

Residential Life & Food Services

5800 Bay Shore Rd., HCL 3

Sarasota, FL 34243


Or Fax to: 941-487-4517


Questions? Email residencelife@ncf.edu  or call 941-487-4259.



Complete the questionnaire


Your answers to this online academic advising questionnaire help us match you with a faculty advisor who can discuss your academic and personal goals with you during New Student Orientation. 


Questions? Need help? Contact the Office of the Provost at 941-487-4200 or provost@ncf.edu.  





All new students: Before your high school closes for the summer, be sure to request your final high school transcripts. 
Dual enrolled or transfer students: Request transcripts from your college(s).
How do I submit my transcripts? 3 easy ways: 
  1. Electronically - New College is a SPEEDE institution. 
  2. Electronically - New College links to FASTER schools using Institution ID '10002' and Spex Inst ID '730000003957400'. 
  3. Mail an official (unopened copy) to: 

New College Admissions & Financial Aid 

5800 Bay Shore Rd

Sarasota, FL 34243-2109


Questions? Contact the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid at 941-487-5000 or admissions@ncf.edu.
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contactUpdate Your Contact Info


We have so much to tell you all summer long! We need your most "up-to-date" contact information so that you don't miss any important news. We'll send updates via email and postal mail to you and your family. 


Do we have an old or not-so-used e-mail address? Are you staying some place besides your permanent mailing address this summer? Moving mid-summer to a new address? Let us know when and where.


E-mail any corrections or updates with your full name to studentaffairs@ncf.edu so we can keep in touch!
Orientation leader with new student

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