Top 20 Time-Saving Tips for SA Users 

Who loves saving time?  Below is a list of miscellaneous SA tricks and short-cuts that will save you time and effort.   


  1. Jump Instrument to New Location.  
    In one step you can add a new instrument model, disconnect from the current instrument, and reconnect the interface to this second station.

  2. Repeat last function(s), use Ctrl + Tab or Crtl + Shift + Tab.  
    With these simple keyboard shortcuts you can repeat the last function, or access a list of recent commands in a single click.

  3. Customize a job, set up report templates, and define User Interface Profiles.  
    This allows you to set up SA to open with all your favorite features and customized personal settings.

  4. Edit >>Rename >>Points >>Points by Auto-Corresponding Groups.  
    Point names can be easily corrected for operations such as a best fit using proximity or inter-point distance.

  5. Graphical selection mode.  
    The graphical selection process can be more precise with polygon and custom logic setting.


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