SA Toolkit Enhancements for Streamlined Inspection    

Inspection in SpatialAnalyzer (SA) has never been easier.         



The newly enhanced SA Toolkit streamlines the process of repetitive inspection tasks--just add each feature needing inspection to a list of tasks and repeat the inspection as needed.  The SA Toolkit provides easy access to geometry relationships, as well as a structure in which to put them to use, thus revolutionizing the part inspection workflow process in SA.  Below are a few of the unique capabilities recently added to the SA Toolkit.


  • Streamlined Advancement and Navigation through the Inspection Task--
    Using Repeat, Measurement Counts, and Loop & Iterate 
  • Building a Guided Inspection using Callouts linked to Trapping and Enhanced Highlighting and Reordering of Features
  • Using Measured Features for Alignment through the Compare to Nominal Center Point Alignment
  • Group to Nominal Group Relationship
  • Reporting Enhancements

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