Auto Measure in SpatialAnalyzer     

Looking for simple tips that will help you save time with SA measurement processes?  This article offers easy shortcuts in SA that will help you accelerate measurement processes and simplify the process of locating measurements precisely.  Click here to learn about the following: 

  • Multi-Pass Auto Measure
  • Auto-Correspond with Proximity Trigger
  • Utilizing Geometry Triggered Points Profiles    
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2015 Training Schedule

Do you need SpatialAnalyzer training?  Click here to view the complete schedule of training classes, locations, and course descriptions.     


Most courses are held at NRK Headquarters in Williamsburg, VA, but a few are scheduled for Seattle, WA and Dallas, TX as well.  Custom training courses are also available to meet the needs of customers with unique training requirements.  Click here for more information on SA training.     

Installing Off-Shore Oil Platforms with SpatialAnalyzer      
Parker Maritime's engineers were tasked with the installation of an oil platform deck onto steel legs  anchored directly into the seabed.  This particular platform supports an enormous load with deck space sufficient to support drilling rigs, production facilities, and housing quarters.


The challenge was to accurately measure the steel legs and determine the correct cut-off height to perfectly match the deck structure while at sea. Accurate measurement was essential for a successful installation at sea. Read on to learn how SpatialAnalyzer helped make this possible.       

2015 SpatialAnalyzer User Conference
April 21-23, 2015


Join us next spring in Williamsburg, Virginia at the Kingsmill Resort & Conference Center.  You won't want to miss this unique opportunity to expand your SA knowledge, learn from NRK's metrology experts, and network with fellow SA users.  


Stay tuned.  Registration for the 2015 SA User Conference will open in January 2015.    

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