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Top 20 Tips for SA Users 

NRK turns 20 this year! In celebration of our 20th year, we give you our top 20 tips for SA users.  Click here to read the entire article or click on a section below.



Click here to read the entire article.  Do you have shortcut or trick you'd like to add to the list?  Email us and share your tip. 

Celebrate NRK's 20th Anniversary  
Founded in March 1994, NRK turns 20 this year.  To celebrate our 20th anniversary and to thank our customers, we're offering you a special, limited time opportunity to save on your next purchase of SA.
Take advantage of this special offer and ask us how you can save 20% or more in celebration of NRK's 20th anniversary.  Click here to learn more or email for additional information.
Completion of "SA is Coming to Your City" Tour  
Thank you to all of our customers and partners who joined us on the "SA is Coming to Your City" tour through sixteen US cities!  All seminars combined, we hosted well over 500 customers and partners on the tour.   
Where else would you like to see SA visit?  Send us suggestions for future user events.