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Instrument Alignment in SA:
Exploring the Possibilities  
Obtaining the most accurate measurement information as efficiently as possible is critical to metrologists. The accuracy of measurements depends on the quality and calibration of the measurement instrument, and the ability to compare those measurements to either an ideal model or expected values taken from another source.  Measurement software allows you to compare the raw values provided by the instrument to a design (nominal) part or measurements taken from a second instrument. To do this, you need to locate or align your instrument in 3D space to the part being measured, or the other instruments or measurements to which you are comparing.
SpatialAnalyzer´┐Ż (SA) offers comprehensive alignment capabilities that allow you to align measurements taken from a single instrument station, as well as align networks of instruments together without error propagation.  Click here for SA's numerous single instrument alignment options.
The ALS at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab: 
SA Means Greater Efficiency & Accuracy
Maintaining an accelerator ring 60 meters across in a facility nearly on top of the San Andreas Fault is no small feat--only the best in metrology equipment and software will serve.
The engineers at the ALS have been using SpatialAnalyzer´┐Ż (SA) with a variety of portable metrology instruments since 2006.  They use SA for all 3D surveying, part inspection, routine alignment processes, inspections, and a complete survey of the accelerator storage ring once a year.  The faster the surveys of the accelerator storage ring can be completed, the better; however, a high level of accuracy must be maintained for the facility to function properly.  Click here to read more. 
 2013 SA User Conference
Thank you to all of our customers and partners who attended the 2013 SA User Conference last month!
The 2013 SA User Conference had the largest attendance so far with attendees traveling from all over the globe to Williamsburg, VA.  Representatives from all of NRK's major instrument partners were also present, reinforcing NRK's commitment to maintaining SA's instrument-independence and continued support of all hardware providers. 
Interested in future SA user events?  Stay tuned for regional user seminars later this year.  Contact Jessica Ruff at [email protected] with any questions regarding SA user events.